Monday, March 18, 2013

Some pics from South Africa

Our breakfast view

Victoria Wharf

With Jim, Jim, Ken and Rena

The spectacular view at Chapman's Peak. Ya, I rode my bike there. NBD.

Kristin and I at the Botanical gardens

All of the Gold Medal Platers who rode in the Argus…and our drivers thumb ;)

Watch out for those baboons...

Another spectacular view at Chapman's Peak. Incredible!

The KSGF Proposal

Congratulations to Jason and Lindsay!

Friday, March 01, 2013

South Africa

I've been a super bad little blogger. I just can't seem to get the formula right - I always post to facebook and twitter and forget to post to my blog. I also feel the need to write something epiphanus and detailed here. Today, I say screw that.

I am in South Africa with Kristin at the moment hosting some wonderful guests from Gold Medal Plates. It feels like we've made 60 new friends and we are having an absolute blast. We've been to Robbin Island, hiked through the Botanical gardens, drank more wine than a person should in a week and have had some awesome conversations. Feeling really blessed to be here.

I've also neglected to inform that I am training for a triathlon and (hopefully) half iron man this summer. I've been so immersed in preparations for this trip, my training and Kyle Shewfelt Gym Fest that I haven't had much time to re-visit my happenings in word form. I've just been immersed in living them.

Anyways, now that I've got the guilt off my conscience, I can give todays update and hopefully write a few more short posts while here to get things up to speed.

80km's from our resort to Franschoek and back

I rode 80km's today with Jim Cuddy and his wife Rena. It was actually my first time on a road bike on the real road (parking garage doesn't count ;) ). I've been doing tons of spin classes and riding at home on my trainer, but when I took up my triathlon pursuit in November and the snow had already fallen, there wasn't much road to ride on.

I am going to do the Argus Pick N' Pay race in Capetown on March 10th. It's a 110km and I figure that since I was able to pull off 80km's on my first time out today, 110 should be super do-able. I should thank Martine, Ashley and all of the great instructors at Peleton Cycling in Calgary for keeping me motivated and fit during winter training.

Here's my insight from today's ride:

Accomplishment: A stellar 80km ride today. 
Observation: Clip pedals in traffic are much different than clip pedals in my parking garage ;)
Conclusion: I LOVE road biking (especially when it's with Jim Cuddy and his wife Rena), but I could do without the cars and stop lights.

First official road bike = done.

Looking forward to many more :)