Tuesday, December 04, 2012

One thing at a time...

Another thing I've been doing to help me stay organized and proactive is to fight hard to focus on ONE task at a time.

I have the tendency to be reactive and start 8 things at once. I am slightly addicted to the idea that if I don't do it RIGHT NOW, then I will forget about it forever. To combat this, I have been bringing a pen and paper with me when I am completing a task and I will capture the "To Do" that pops into my mind. In the book Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky, he calls it the backburner.

It's incredible how much easier it is to make progress when you stay singularly focused one thing. The Big Picture vision is essential to have as you need to know what the end looks and feels like. But you also have to dissect the project into little manageable bits and pieces. Slowly chipping away is the hardest, but best way to get something done. There's no shortcut to success or completion…and if there is, then the task probably isn't worthwhile to take on in the first place.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Proactive and Organized

I am feeling really awesome these days. 
And I know exactly the reasons why…

Firstly, I have been one mega proactive dude. I have not only been thinking 3 steps ahead, but I've been taking action. Example: This morning I have already thrown dinner into the crockpot and I sorted my November receipts for my book keeper. Feels good!

Secondly, I have created some new organization systems in my life. I was surrounded by a desk full of papers and I was spending more time "looking" for something than I was "doing" something. When my desk gets cluttered, it's a direct reflection of what's going on in my mind. It's a sign that my thoughts are scattered, my attention is everywhere, I have trouble focusing and I have a hard time remembering anything. But when I take an hour to sort through the pile and create a system of flow, my mind instantly opens up and feels freedom to create. No longer do I feel bogged down, I feel empowered knowing that whatever I need is exactly where I filed it ;)

Lastly, I have been playing the "timer" game. If there's a task on my list of things to do and I find myself avoiding it (filing, working out, etc), then I throw on a timer for 20 minutes. I tell myself, "I don't need to work at this until it's finished and perfect, I just need to put 20 minutes of effort into it". Then I throw on some Songza.com and get going. Amazingly (and not so surprisingly), I usually find my groove after 10 minutes and the 20 minute timer seems too short.   

It's the little things that make a difference when it comes to productivity and finding a sense of accomplishment. I've come to realize that my life will be a constant roller coaster ride of feeling in and out of control. But it's nice to know that I am establishing some strong defences and habits right now. I'm hopeful that I can keep this streak of proactivity and organization going for the whole month of December. I love heading in to a New Year feeling clear minded, open and in a solid groove.