Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For you, Mom!

I was the keynote speaker today at the National Sport School Closing Ceremony (essentially Grad, but Closing Ceremonies is a way better way to describe it!) and it was an awesome time.

I spoke about "Change" and how it keeps us moving forward, growing and learning. I asked the question: Is today the end or is it a new beginning. I reiterated the importance of positivity and how attitude and perspective are a choice. Based on the feedback I got, I think it went really well.

I love speaking. I still get the butterflies before I go on and it gives me that buzz that you so rarely get in life! I am definitely defining myself as a speaker more and more which is awesome because I enjoy it so much.

On another note, I never actually had a graduation of my own. My high school career was quite the roller coaster ride of random courses here and there over 8 years that finally wound up in me graduating from the National Sport School in 2004. 4 years late. But I was busy doing some other stuff on the side like, oh, living my dream!

Anyway, I got to wear the grad gown today and I made sure to snap a shot...right at the beginning of my talk which I think everyone enjoyed. I HAD to do it!

This one's especially for you, Mom!

After my talk was done I got a special surprise from the NSS. They called me up and let me walk the stage! It was pretty awesome.

Thanks to principle Cam Hodgson, all of the faculty and staff and the Graduates of NSS 2010 for such a fantastic day.


ps- When I went out to my car, Impark ticketed me $95 for being 10 minutes over time. What the hell? The parking ticket dude was probably just waiting for me to be a minute over. Lame! Sorry folks, I'm not paying that one. It can go to the collection agency. I had too awesome of a day for it to be ruined by something stupid like that!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Community Garden

Kristin and I took on another project recently (we like projects! Or maybe I like them and then I boss her around to do them with me ;) ). We got our very own urban garden plot from Community Crop. Community Crop is a not for profit organization in Calgary that provides gardening opportunities to people living in urban communities.

I have always loved gardens and the taste of fresh vegetables! I can remember being a little boy and going to Manitoba where my Auntie Betty had the most amazing garden I have ever experienced. It was always such a special treat being able to eat carrots with a little bit of dirt on them. Yum.

The process of growing something is really important to me right now. I guess it's quite reflective of the stage of life I'm in. This garden is giving me a lot of comfort right now and it is serving as a reminder that once you plant a seed you must water it everyday, be patient and it will grow. It's a simple process, but I think we often take for granted the importance of organically letting things unfold. In our culture, the culture of NOW, it's hard to be patient while waiting for something delicious to grow. This garden is reminding me that some of the yummiest things need time and care. The longer you wait, the bigger the vegetable and the richer the flavour!

Of course, we got the plot a little late in the season (we lucked out because someone gave theirs up last minute and we were on a waiting list) so we had to buy some pre-planted veggies, but there are some that are germinating right now.

Here is what we'll have in the end:

Green Onion
Green Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Cherry Tomatoes
Japaleno Pepper
and possibly acorn squash and a baby watermelon if everything works out!

"Did the tomatoes grow?" is the first question I ask Kristin everyday. What can I say, I'm a little OCD, but we all knew that.

Gardens are FUN! ]

Grow baby grow,


Friday, June 25, 2010

Are those cabinets I see??

Yup, they sure are!

They were located and delivered. Put on the HOT LIST infact. Still missing a few, but they are on their way. Hooray!
OK. This makes my day better...


Bad Day

Have you ever rolled out of bed and went directly into the wrong state of mind? You start thinking about everything that 'isn't' rather than everything that 'is'. You start picking on yourself and making sure that you turn all your thoughts and ideas into an instant negative. You start kicking yourself and focusing on missed opportunities.

This morning I got up and I was self-destructive. I went right into that bad place and started questioning what I am becoming. Today I have no idea.

Some days I miss structure. I miss having to "be" somewhere. I miss accountability. I miss working towards a goal that is super meaningful. I miss feeling important.

Some days I feel like I am totally in control of this transition thing and that I know exactly what direction i'm heading in. But then there are days when I feel tons of resistance and I can convince myself that any idea I have is a bad one. I can be very self sabotaging and I've determined that it is something that is so easy to do when you don't exactly know what your purpose is.

I try to set myself up right. I try to create plans, make goals and lists, prep for my day ahead the night before, but there are just some days when I can't get that little negative voice out of my head. It drives me nuts and I feel like the only way to get rid of it is to write about it or go for a nice long run, but those are the hardest things to actually do on days like this...

I guess what I am craving is just a sense of belonging. I want to feel like I have somewhere to be, something to do and that, at the end of the day, I am working towards something and making progress.

Transition is hard. Becoming something new can be frustrating. Some days I feel like I am making leaps and bounds forwards, but other days I feel like I am taking massive steps backwards. Let GO! Let GO! Let GO! Move on! Move on! Move on! Who do you want to be and what do you want to do?! It's time. It's time. What do you want life to be like and how are you going to create that?

Maybe I should just STFU, put my runners on and just get moving...that'll help to clear out the clutter in my mind.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

And just like that...

Oh boy!

I think I jinxed myself yesterday.

The cabinets didn't come in on the truck as scheduled. It appears that there has been a delay of some sort. Kristin is putting her best investigating skills into action. Shiza!

So, I reiterate, you need to have patience during a renovation!

Remember when I did hardwood in my last place 2 years ago and the stress that was causing me? Thank goodness I am not preparing to compete in the Olympic Games right now or I might be losing my sh*t!

But really, when it all comes down to it, there's not much I can do about it, right? I am not going to let it rent space in my head because I have more awesome things to concentrate on. I just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the process!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am in the midst of a GIANT renovation and restyling of my new place. Before and after pics are to come, but here is the chaos that exists right now...


I did the second coat on the kitchen this morning. Looks good, right?!

We have to rip out the counter tops, mirrors and sinks (in the kitchen and both bathrooms) and then I believe we are ready to roll with the install of the *NEW* stuff!

The cabinets are being delivered tomorrow and then installed on Friday/Monday. Then comes the countertops, then the backsplash, then the new sinks and faucets, then mirrors and final couple of lights and then FINALLY the new appliances (Stainless steel and super awesome!)!

I am learning that patience is virtue when it comes to a renovation, but I am LOVING the process of seeing my house become a HOME and transform into something that really reflects me. I have also never felt as manly as I did on the day when I was unscrewing the existing cabinets and lifting them out without my shirt on *insert manly grunt here*.

I must say a big thank you to my love, Kristin, for her expert design abilities (she's a designer at Superior Cabinets) and hard work to get everything lined up. She is something special! Not only does she deal with my one-thousand thoughts a minute, she is also able to keep everything moving forward at a calm pace. Her family has also been the most incredible team of assistants. This project would have been impossible without them and their amazing generosity, kindness and help. No project has been too big or too small. I am very lucky!

I'll keep posting updates over the next couple of weeks so you can see the transformation unfold.

Happy Renovating,


Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Photo Shoot!

I'm doing a new photo shoot tomorrow at the Altadore Gymnastics Club with my good friend and amazing photographer, Phil Crozier. Check out his site!

It's going to be edgy, sexy, sophisticated, stylish and creative. We're hoping to take some shots that aren't your average "athlete" shots and push some limits.

I am ready to move into the next phase of my career and I believe it's important to have some new photos that are going to reflect this new maturity and confidence that I'm gaining.

I am more than just an athlete. In fact, I wouldn't even list "athlete" in the top 5 things that I 'am' now. I remember hearing Mark Tewksbury speak at a Post Olympic conference and he mentioned something similar and I thought it was so weird. But now I am starting to understand...

This is a big step for me. It has taken me a long time to decide that I want to push forward. And in order to do so, I need to start making moves in that direction. I need to start being who I want to become. I have so many plans and so many fun things in the works. I am ready to move to another level. It is definitely time!

Stay tuned for some awesome shots that come from the shoot. I am super excited to see what we can create!

Thanks again to Altadore Gymnastics and Phil for their generosity and partnership in this project.

Strike a pose,


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Level 3 Tumbling Clinic

I did a tumbling clinic all day at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre on Monday.

Thanks to Rick McCharles and www.gymnasticscoaching.com for the video:

Kyle Shewfelt Invitational and Festival of Gymnastics Video

Gymnastics Videos on Gymnastike

My Favourite Video...

This past November, at the Alberta Gymnastics Federation year end banquet, they surprised me with this AMAZING video.
They also flew in Kelly, my former coach, to be a part of the celebration and it was a very special and emotional night!

This video represents my career in a nutshell and I absolute love watching it. It brings a tear to my eye every time...

Thanks to Robin Marsden for putting it together. I am forever grateful.

Funny story: I saw Kelly and his family this past Sunday when they were on a lay over in Calgary. His son (and my nephew),
Barrett, apparently watches it 5 times a day and then he tries to recreate my fist pumping celebration after my routine in Athens.
I actually witnessed it with my own eyes in my parents back yard and it was the most awesome thing I've ever seen! I think we
might have another little Olympian on our hands...

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do!