Friday, February 01, 2008

Best Week Yet!

This was my most rockin' week yet! I filmed a lot of it...I kind of felt like that parent who wants to capture every new expression on their newborns face! This was a monumental week for me as I started to trust my legs a lot more. I pushed myself and as I am writing this, I am definitely feeling the burn! My muscles are so sore!

On floor I did a front handspring with a double twist (on the fiberglass floor with a mat, but it's actually a difficult move!)

As you can see, the first one wasn't stellar, but I was a little worried about what it would feel like when I punched into the floor. It did hurt a bit, more in the front of my knee cap, but it felt way better than I anticipated so that was motivating that I had to resort back to my perfectionist tendencies and do it again as shown below!

Next, I decided that I needed to try some backwards tumbling. I put a couple of mats in just as protection and I did my first roundoff backhandspring back layout. Yeah, that's a flip! On the floor. Holla! This was on Monday.

Then, on Tuesday, I did a double twist. That's the way I work. If I trust that I can take off then twisting isn't a problem. I just have to know that my knees aren't going to explode on the impact of takeoff. So of course, on Thursday I needed to try a 2.5 twist as shown below:

(Also, please ignore my messy mop. It looks pretty hideous and dirty in these videos. I have been growing my hair out for entertainment and it is becoming slightly fro-ish. Curly hair is not the best for the get up and go lifestyle that I have been leading...a buzz is in the cards for the next week, before I go to Hawaii on the 11th! Haha, just watched the vid and that is Nate zooming across at the end...what a goof!)

In my routine I actually do do a 2.5 twist, but I do it out of a whip back. A whip is a backhandspring with no hands. It is a little more difficult than a backhandspring because you have to have more speed and more momentum in order to complete it correctly. These are two words that scare me a bit right now; speed and momentum. Why? Because they usually equal pain! I decided to bite the bullet though and give a simple whip back a chance.

It turned out better than I thought. I actually felt quite strong and quick...kind of like Kyle Shewfelt circa pre-broken legs! So naturally, I pushed myself (as I tend to do) and I managed to complete a whip back into a 2.5 twist (notice only one mat as well in the vid below!).

I also regained my Tkatchev on highbar.

I didn't catch, but catching is no problem. Releasing is always the scary part, especially when you haven't done it in a long time. I shouldn't have any fear towards this element because I have been doing it since the early nineteen hundred and nineties, but I had a few butterflies in my stomach. I was relieved when I did it and it felt so normal. I actually had a little bit of an emotional moment after this turn because I instantly gained confidence and felt like there was actually a possibility that I could be even better than I have ever been in Beijing.

I have been so focused on just getting back that I haven't been focusing on being better than I was. I think this is an important element in everyday life. You have to always believe that you can go beyond what you have already done. It makes everything seem so much more positive...that is if you enjoy a challenge, which apparently I thrive on!

Today, Friday, (or another Thursday because it was a grand day as well!) Susan and I met up with Dr.Mohtadi to talk about that burning pain I have been feeling in my left thigh. Even though I have had super progress this week, I have still been dealing with that pain consistently. It is really inhibiting my ability to run (don't know if you noticed, but I am doing all tumbling from a jump hurdle because I can't engage my hamstrings enough yet to run fast). Anyway, it was decided that Dr.Mohtadi would inject a local anesthetic into the tendon at very bottom of the plate to see if it would provide some relief. Apparently where the plate is, the hamstring attaches and the pain I am getting is because the plate is ultra-sensitive. You know when you have a bruise and someone pushes on it really hard and you want to knock them out? Yeah, multiply that with an intense burn up your leg and that is the pain I get when the bottom of my plate is pushed. Doesn't feel great.

Well, I was the lucky winner of an injection this morning...right after it was suggested. I was totally on board, but I HATE needles, especially BIG one's being stabbed into my knee. Susan, the amazing physio that she is, consoled me as the GIANT needle went in and I almost died. It was fast, but holy F***, did it hurt!

The good news is, it almost completely resolved the burning pain, which is a great sign. I could almost run like a normal athlete and as time progressed and I got more warmed up, I felt better and better.

Check out this video of my best backhandspring series yet, filmed today! 100% pain free with a double pike at the end...where did that come from?!

Overall, looking back on this week, I made leaps and bounds forward. I pushed myself hard. I smiled and had tons of fun in the gym. I looked forward to each and every training and came in with a plan. I did more each day than I had the day before.

This is all I want.

Now, it's time for a much deserved Saturday off!



Katrina said...

Really great to see you coming back Kyle!

Dylan Glynn said...

you reminded me of something when you mentioned the tkatchev. In an interview once (back when you were still an aa'er i think, so more than a few years back) you mentioned you were planning on competing a three release sequence ending in a def, but in all the videos i've seen of you peforming high bar i've never seen you do 3 realeases, only the tkatchev and def, so i was wondering, What was the third one? and in what sequence exactly, and why did you take it out?

Dylan Glynn said...

btw i liked how before you did the first fhs double full you "brushed the dirt of your shoulder" very

Robert said...

Hey kyle this is Robert Watson I don't know if you remember me but I'm from BC and my coach is Ferenc. I just wanted to say that you are so dedicated to this sport and that you are a huge inspiration to me.


P.S I love Nathan's singing