Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This past weekend, I finally went on my long anticipated camping trip with a few close friends. The planning went back months and it was all done with the intention of limiting my distractions leading up to the Games. I knew all summer long that I would be spending September long with some of my best buddies and we would be having the camping experience of a lifetime!

Well, I don't know what the deep rooted meaning of this would be, but it rained and eventually snowed while we were on our adventure. It rained all of Sunday; it literally didn't stop once. Then on Monday morning when we awoke, the snow flakes were coming down. Brrrrrr. Wet and Cold = Cranky.

I tried to smile while my fingers were freezing off, but I have discovered during my limited camping experience that I am a fair weather camper. Bring on the sun, bring on the bugs, let me hike and relax in heat. I would much prefer to roast marshmallows and drink beer in shorts than in sweats, a hoodie, down vest, mittens and a toque! Don't get me wrong, I had fun (wonderful conversation overflowed and I haven't laughed so hard about smiling clowns in my life - inside joke) and I appreciate my friends taking the time to arrange this excursion, but I thought that camping was supposed to be 3 days of sunburns, hangovers and bug bites!

Isn't it funny how life unfolds sometimes? You wait for months for an experience and then on the 3 days that you need the sun to shine it is nowhere to be found.



Anonymous said...

I know things sound far more enticing on paper (and from my sunny-Toronto-morning vantage point), but roasting marshmallows while snowflakes rain down sounds poetic and amazing. :)

Kim said...

We love you in Ohio, and will continue to cheer for you, always... sunshine or rain :-)

Anonymous said...

Ummm . . . Kyle, don't forget that YOU are like sunshine to others! Glad to hear that you finally got to have a real long weekend adventure. . . and see that they can be highly over-rated (even though it may not seem that way when you're working your butt off in training!).

Dez said...

Snowflakes! that means winter is upon us.

I am so happy You are taking some time out and go camping.

Arthur said...

It is possible that the storm system that brought you the snow, and the remains of this Hurricane down south will converge on Ontario this weekend coming and so will end our only period of nice weather this summer! It just caught you first. Sory it was not up to expectations. I know from reading your blog that you were planning this a long way back. So what's next? More time to regroup? Family time? Just wondering where Kyle heads now! Have enjoyed following your experience; hoping that this can continue yet.

Bri said...

It's still restorative to go back to nature, rain or shine. I love a somber walk in the drizzle.

Anonymous said...

hahaha dude you are SO canadian

Cliff said...

You are amazing. I'm very happy that you have recovered completely from your terrible accident.

Dana said...

Sounds like many of my camping trips!
I promise you sunshine when you head down to Vegas!
Can't wait to see you