Thursday, August 20, 2009

KidSport PSA

One of my favourite Charities is KidSport. I have done a lot of awesome work with them and hope that I can continue to be heavily involved in the future.

I recently filmed a television and radio campaign for KidSport AB. Check it out here.

Being involved in sport is so important for today's youth. It gets them active, gives them a sense of purpose and passion, creates direction, teaches important life skills and transcends into all facets of their lives. Youth who are involved in sport are more engaged in life and usually continue to be active well into their adult years.

Unfortunately, some families can not afford to participate in sports. That's where KidSport comes in. They provide financial support to families so that everyone can be involved in their sport of choice.

For more info and to get involved in your community contact



Anonymous said...

Check out the new KidSport PSA's:

Colby said...

I love the Kidsport Alberta ad. It really shows why the organization exists, and who it helps. Awesome that you were part of it! :D

I would like to know what you think of the KidSport BC ads. I personally find the humour at odds with what I think KidSport stands for.