Saturday, May 26, 2012

Taper time!

It's Friday and I run my marathon in only 2 more sleeps. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I've been trying to be super diligent with my training program in this final phase and these past couple of weeks have been focused on tapering and getting my body rested up and ready for the big race.

Tapering is when you significantly cut back on your workload or mileage so that your body can recover and the hard work can settle in. It's a difficult time for me to manage because as I start to feel good and rested, my mind starts telling my body that I need to move. Holding back has always been a hard thing for me to do.

Last weekend I had a great confirmation that I am ready. Martin and I ran 16km's on Saturday morning and it felt like nothing. I felt like we had just started our conversation when our watches starting beeping that we were done. I had tons of energy to spare. Perhaps I went a little overboard when I hiked in Canmore and went out for a little dance party on Sunday night, but whatever, fun is important too! I figured that as long as I wasn't running on pavement, then it was OK.

This week I ran 6km's on Tuesday, 10K on Wednesday morning and I've been "resting" for the past 2 days. I'm at the Canadian Championships in Regina so I have been doing lots of promotional activities, but I've been trying to stay off my legs as much as possible. I just took an hour and rolled out on my travel roller and drained my legs out by putting them up against the wall. Tonight I am going for dinner with the winners of the Gym Revolution Video Challenge and we are going to carbo load! My favourite part of pre-race preparation is being able to gorge on pasta and not feel an ounce of guilt.

I'm starting to feel myself slipping into my zone. I can feel the nerves coming on and the adrenaline starting to build. I'm starting to reflect back on the work I've done and really appreciate how far I've come. I'm doing a lot of positive self talk, but I'm having a little bit of fear because one of my friends who's a doctor told me that at least one person dies at every marathon she volunteers at. Gulp. I hope it's not me on Sunday! Don't worry mom, it won't be ;)

I have a bunch of friends who are running the half-marathon, 10K and 5K so we are going to have a little post race celebration on Sunday. Kristin also booked me a massage as a reward for my dedication and hard work. I haven't had a massage in 3 years because I have this thing about earning them. This one will be very well earned.

I am flying home from Regina tomorrow night and arrive in Calgary around 10:30pm. Kristin is going to pick me up and I've already laid out my clothes, bought my breakfast food, packed my snacks and she picked up my bib today. I'm number 985. I love that my name is on it because there is nothing better than hearing people cheer out your name when you feel like you need a little push!

I've got my race plan mapped out too. I'm going to take the first 10km's nice and slow. I'm aiming to run the second half faster than the first. I am going to walk for 30 seconds through every aid station. My goal time is 3:45, but based on my long runs thus far I will be thrilled with anything under 4 hours.  

I've invested a lot of time and energy into this journey and I am really excited to get the race started. I'm nervous about the last 9km's because they are completely unknown to me, but I also know that I am strong and determined and I can push through anything. Accomplishing this goal is going to confirm that and add some depth to my life portfolio. 

I can't wait until Sunday after when I can finally get rid of the "wannabe" and start calling myself a MARATHONER. 

Wish me luck!



Lala Mama said...

Good luck! I'm excited for you and all my friends running in the Calgary Marathon!

mike (sabrecaptain) said...

Best of luck tomorrow Kyle....You can do it!!

I sm doing the 5km...first event since my heart attack last October!

Anonymous said...

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