Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Festival Farewell…for now...

Dear friends,

It is with great difficulty that I must inform you that the Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Festival (KSGF) is on hiatus for the foreseeable future... 
As you may or may not know, I am opening my own gymnastics facility in South Calgary this Fall called Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics. The University of Calgary Gymnastics Centre feels, quite understandably, that this presents a conflict of interest as they were the host club of KSGF. I have been respectfully asked by The U of C Administration, UnoCalGym Parents Association and the U of C Gymnastics Centre coaching team to step away from their annual event and I accept those wishes. 
When I agreed to help build the Festival, it was never with the benefit of just one club in mind. For me, it was always about the bigger picture. My vision was to help create an event that provided a platform for us all to share in a celebration of gymnastics. It was my hope that the Festival could continue on in partnership with the U of C as host club and beneficiary despite my new venture, but unfortunately this is just not able to happen. 
Shortly after my Olympic dream came true in Athens, I realized that the value in the accomplishment would best be found by using it as a platform to give back. It’s my privilege and purpose to serve my community. For me, this was at the root of the Festival. I agreed to lend my name, time and energy to the U of C’s annual gymnastics event because I saw its potential to make an impact.
I am so very proud of what the Festival became in just 3 short years. The event gave thousands of participants a space where they could show off their hard work and have some fun. It raised more than $15,000 for Right To Play. It redefined what an invitational gymnastics competition in Canada could be. And there were hundreds of incredible people behind the scenes who helped it get to that point...
Thank you to the sponsors and media partners. Your support truly brought the event to a higher level.
Thank you to Right To Play. It was a pleasure to be aligned with an organization that cares so much.
Thank you to all of the volunteers, especially the meet directors and team leads. Your dedication of time and energy was inspiring. Without you, the event could not have happened. 
Thank you to the U of C, UnoCalGym Parents Association and U of C Gymnastics coaching team. I appreciate you giving me a stage to share my passion for gymnastics. 
Most importantly, Thank You to the supporters, athletes, coaches and judges. Thank you for choosing to come to the KSGF. Thank you for embracing the concept.  Thank you for bringing your best.
It is with a very heavy heart that I say farewell for now. Who knows what the future holds – I envision the KSGF taking on a new life somehow, somewhere, sometime. When that happens, I would love for you all to join once again. 
In the meantime, I look forward to staying connected. As a gymnastics family, let’s continue to collaborate and showcase our great sport. I encourage you to support the U of C’s new annual gymnastics event as they move forward. I know I’ll be there cheering on our great athletes.  
Thanks for the memories. KSGF Rocked!

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Jessica said...

Congrats to you Kyle on the success to date of the festival. on to new adventures it seems....would love to connect with you - have some fun gymnastic-y and beyond ideas! Jessica (1984 olympian, gymnastics)
@JessicaTudos www.kikacreative.com