Saturday, August 18, 2007

6 am

There is something pretty surreal about getting up at 6am on a Saturday morning and driving to the gym when no one else is on the road. I guess it puts you in a weird state of mind because you know that most others in the city are sleeping in...or maybe just going to bed!

I have always been hugely inspired by and maybe a little envious of those who can wake up early and get an ambitious start on their day.

I have never been the type who likes waking up at the crack of dawn and going to the gym. This is maybe because our primary training has always been in the afternoon and morning training was just a wake up and warm up type of regime.

Not anymore though. Not for the past 2 months. Right after we received our draw for Worlds and learned that we would be competing in the 5th subdivision, first thing in the morning on the second day of men's qualification, we immediately changed our routine and started making the first training (8-10:30) the time when we do routines and get the bulk of our work done. I must say that I have adapted pretty well, but there are still the days when I feel a little sorry for myself and my body that I have to pound and swing just after the sun comes out!

I am proud of myself though because I have taken the high road and accepted (not like I had much of an option) the fact that I need to be energized and focused in the morning. I have been going to bed early (seriously, who goes to bed at 9pm?!) and I've been getting up ready to go. I have actually embraced the change, and I kind of like it now. I am able to get in to the gym, get my work done, leave and still have some time in the rest of the day to accomplish all of the other tasks that life throws my way. I guess that's the reward. When everyone else is just starting the grind, I am done with the hardest part of my day and I can just laugh at everyone else who still has major tasks to accomplish!

Maybe this draw was a blessing in disguise because it does cater to my work ethic. I am not one who likes to waste time and draw things out. I like to keep a fast pace and move from one event to another. "Get in, Get it done and get out!". That is one of the motto's I live by.

It's a pretty cool feeling when you have adopted a characteristic of a lifestyle you envy. For me, that is an early riser who embraces the day...even if everyone else is still in their cozy, warm beds catching up on sleep!



Rick said...

I am impressed and surprised you could adapt to the early morning.

(Gymnasts are such notorious NIGHT PEOPLE.)

My job when I was age-17 was as a milk man. We loaded trucks at 5:45AM and I could be finished by 1PM. That was a great schedule.

The gymnast and a runner said...

I've always loved morning training. I've done some of my best training, especially at warmups for international comps, early in the morning. And I take only around 10 minutes each morning to get ready (and I'm a GIRL!); my teammates can't understand how I do it.
My logic: I'm going to maximise my possible sleeping time as much as I can, so as soon as I wake up, I HAVE to be go, go, go. You wake up; you get things done.

Best of luck with your Beijing preparations. I'm also keeping a watchful eye on some of kids who are trying to make it. It's a tough job, but it sounds like you've got a great and realistic attitude towards training.

The gymnast and a runner said...

I just heard you've injured your knees, and you must be distressed to miss worlds and helping Canada qualify for 2008.

All the best for rehabbing, stay strong and work hard for what you really want.