Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tumbling Machine

This past couple of weeks have been super productive in the gym. These video's speak for themselves:

This is a backspring series to a double layout and it feels great to be able to do this. I can honestly say that I am not holding back at all!

This is from 2 weeks ago. It took me a while to trust that I could take off and twist. This is a prime example of slow and steady progress. I did a one and a half twist and a simple front layout for a while, but then I decided it was time to add a full. The first one is always a little scary...I didn't know how my left knee would feel (stable or unstable). It actually felt great, no instability at all.

Here, about a week and a half later than the previous video, I do a 1.5 twist, front full, front 1 and 3/4 roll out. Notice how I do the roll in the piked position. I usually do it in the tucked position, with my knees close to my chest, but I am having a hard time getting my legs bent. My left hamstring is still bothering me, and I'm pretty sure it's because the plate is irritating it (I have a meeting with Dr.Mohtadi on Monday to discuss a cortisone shot). It felt awesome to be able to do this line because it means that I am just one step closer to putting things together! This will be one of my "actual" lines in my sweet!

In this video I am doing 3 running steps to an arabian double front pike 1/2 out. The 3 RUNNING STEPS should really be in caps! This is a huge accomplishment for me. I still feel a slight burning in my left leg, but I am able to get enough speed to tumble quite well. Notice the half out at the end...I am still debating whether or not I will keep this half turn, but for the time being, it gives me more confidence than if I was to land forward. When I broke my legs it was on a similar skill to this, but instead of landing facing the camera, I landed with my back to it...and CRACK! flashback! Sick.

I am gaining confidence everyday. Soon I am going to have to start transferring these skills to the real floor, but for now, this is very positive! I actually feel like I might be a better tumbler than I was before. I am forced to be more aware, more technical and quicker than I usually am. There is no room for error and I need to be very protective. The last thing I want to happen is for me to make a stupid mistake...stupid mistakes are where you get hurt!

Hope you enjoyed the video's!



flippincrzy said...

Could always do a half rudi piked:D

Rick McCharles said...

Excellent Kyle.

Love seeing your videos on there.

Alex said...

The videos are great! Get it on!

Emmanuel said...

I just heard about your injury...both legs !!! And your already training hard like that...Congratulations !!!
It must seem like a curse..both legs... I brutally dislocated my right knee playing soccer, got it fixed, got physio, trained hard.
I was back in shape...when my left knee made a crunch noise while doing leg exercises. Turns out I got an O.C.D. fracture of my left femur, loss of cartilage, loose bone, all jammmed in my articulation. Got it operated, microfractures and all , went for physio, trained...but it's still hurting and making clicking noises.I have to start getting back into fighting shape, but it's never been harder, as other parts of my body are "rusty". During all this (past 2 years) I have lost everything ( friends, jobs, possessions ). WHAT A LIFE LESSON !!...STAY POSITIVE..KEEP FIGHTING THROUGH IT ALL..AND RISE BACK..STRONGER !!!!!

Here are lyrics to a wicked song called HARD TIMES :

Hard times are comin your way. You're gonna have to rise above it someday. Organize your life and figure it out. Or you'll go under without a doubt.

Hard times! Hard times! Seems I'm bein forced into a mold. Hard times! Hard times! Forcin me and I'm growin cold .

Hard times are coming through. But if you're hard they won't get to you. They're gonna try to drive you into the ground. But never surrender, never go down !!!

Valentin Uzunov said...

Awesome vids. Seems like you are really gunning for it.
Thanks for sharing your story with everyone, trully inspirational.

I like the arabian double front half out. Its someone different, and you seems to do it quite easily. (even as you say with the restriction of a bigger run up).

Anonymous said...

amazing how the body heals; and when one is so prone toward health, the body just recuperates faster than in one not so healthy; keep up the great work, Kyle ... mss

SoulImage said...

serious dude,

it's like Rookie of the Year (the movie)

where the kid breaks his arm then becomes the best pitcher ever..