Thursday, March 13, 2008


This past week has been absolute pandemonium! My house has been for sale for a while and it finally sold. Yes! Then I bought a new place (which I get possession of on April 1st). Needless to say, I have had a hard time finding a spare minute to put any energy into updating the blog. My apologies to those of you who have been checking and not seeing updates. More will come when things settle down.

This is an incredibly busy and stressful time in my life, but I am trying to maintain balance and remember where my priorities lie. Regardless of how insane my life is, I need to keep being committed to my progress in the gym.

Not to get into too much detail (as it is my personal life and Melissa's as well), but Melissa and I have mutually decided to be apart. Love is not the issue, I love her to death and I know she loves me, but we were just growing in different directions and it was starting to affect both of us. Our happiness was being compromised and we were not willing to just accept that. To be honest, I can't give her what she deserves right now. I barely have enough time to take care of myself!

I miss her, I miss the life we built, I miss our dog (Zoey), but I also know that I need to channel all of my energy into getting fit and being focused on Beijing. She supports me.

We made this decision with the intention of us both moving forward. Not moving on, moving FORWARD. I never forget the incredible people who make a difference in my life.

So, there you have it. Change is abundant in my life right now, but change can be good. It makes you grow and it makes you question what you really want. It makes you question what is important to you. It helps you gain trust in yourself and your decisions. Change also makes you realize that you can handle much more than you thought you could. It's overwhelming and scary as hell, but very empowering. It kind of makes you feel alive!

I must say though, now having a basis for comparison: a broken heart does hurt a lot more than broken legs.

They say that time heals...and if not, then you know where your heart belongs.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with your acquisition, Kyle; it is exciting and stressful to move into a new home ... In the theater of love, I feel for you ... a broken heart is something very, very tough to deal with ... one does not ever forget another with whom one has spent so much time, so many years ... love has many facets ... I personally feel a broken heart does not ever really heal; one is left with a little dent everytime it happens ... keep up your very positive thoughts and your training ... you will do well ... see you sometime in the future ...take care ... mss

Anonymous said...

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