Sunday, November 09, 2008


Ta Da!

Here is the picture I have been promising.

On the left, you see the plate and the 4 screws. On the right, I put my house key beside the metal just so you can have a basis for comparison. Now you'll think of the size of my plate every time you lock your door!

I am back at my place now. I came home last night and it felt great to sleep in my own bed. I feel 50 times better today than I did on Friday. Hallelujah!! It's crazy how much of a difference a couple of days can make.

I had my first shower yesterday afternoon and there was a constant stream of blood running down my leg. It was a little nasty, but it was all of the dried blood getting washed away. I can't tell you how awesome it felt to get clean...being in hospitals makes me feel like I have disease running through my hair.

The great news is that if I continue to heal at this rate, I should be good to go and ready to get movin' in a week or so.

I went to a friends last night to watch Iron Man (It was ok, but didn't live up to the hype IMO) and I brought the hardware in to show it off. It was only in my car for 20 minutes max and when I pulled it out of the jar it was freezing cold. Brrrr. It's all coming I know why my leg ached on those cold winter days last year! No doubt I was experiencing pain, that metal was as cold as ice.



Anonymous said...

haha, I sure will think of that plate whenever I lock my door =)

Anonymous said...

nice to hear that you're better!!
btw, that is a really biiig plate!

Lisa said...

I have a plate and screws in my leg too. I wonder if my plate is the same as yours Kyle.

I remember the worst pain from my plate was at a water park in the summer. The water in the wave pool was freezing! and the pain was excruciating!

I hope and pray you continue to recover well.

Maria said...

Ha! It all looks so ... sterile.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I thought the metal would look more ... used. Perhaps it's best I didn't go into medicine. =)

Glad to hear the recovery is coming along.

Dez said...

I am growing out my hair and plan on donating it to I had a battle with cancer earlier this year and decide to do it once. I was given a clean bill of health. one never knows what life throws our way. I know that with your plate out you must seem like a sigh of relief and a reflection of what happened. Life just makes us Brave and you got it my friend. such as I.