Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And the winner of the 2012 Olympic All-Around title in Womens Artistic Gymnastics is...

This might be a bold prediction, but I believe that THIS will be the 2012 All-Around Olympic Champion in Women's Artistic Gymnastics.

Her name is Viktoria Komova and she is already establishing herself as the one to beat. She has amazing difficulty, incredible lines and an impressive competitive spirit. Sometimes you can watch a younger gymnast and you just know that they are destined for greatness...Viktoria, in my eyes, is on the verge of brilliance.

She is poised, calm and can deliver amazing routines in pressure situations. She is the Junior European Champion and has been dominating the Youth Olympic Games this week. In fact, she could run away with 5 Gold medals. Very impressive.

What sets Viktoria apart from her competitors is her presence, her precision and her difficulty. She doesn't have a weak event. What's most impressive to me is how she makes her routines look easy...and believe me, they are NOT! But that is the sign of a well trained and prepared athlete. They come in to competition and everything comes together at just the right moment. It takes years to get to this point and at 15, Viktoria already has IT!

In my opinion, gymnastics has been missing a star since the 2008 Games. Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson had personality and presence, but since their hiatus from International competition, gymnastics, especially on the women's side, has seemed a little bit boring (of course neither of them has officially retired and both are alluding to "comebacks", but all I'll say is that I know how the marketing game works...). Luckily for the world of gymnastics, Viktoria Komova seems like she can be the star that the sport so desperately needs. I'm very drawn to her and I want to see her do well. I want to watch her routines over and over because they are unique and impeccable. I want to see her succeed and my heart breaks for her when she crashes (which is very rare). She is captivating and I like it!

I'm excited to see the progression of this athlete and I am really looking forward to 2011 when she is age eligible to compete against all the best seniors in the world!

And of course, I am excited to commentate on her winning the Olympic title in 2012 and proving that I can indeed predict the future!



Anonymous said...

I love Viktoria! But don't jinx her yet because you never know. The Russians have another little Junior Anastasia Grishina who is amazingly beautiful as well. She'd give Viktoria a run for her money and maybe even win, if she upgrades her floor and vault.

Anonymous said...

She is good but her scores were incredibly over inflated and some of her skills weren't even counted

Anonymous said...

I love Komova and I certainly hope she wins the 2012 AA title over Wieber or Bross. I hope she gets a second vault to go along with that Amanar. Hopefully Russia takes Team Gold as well in 2012.

Brit said...

Wow - she is such a beautiful gymnast. I really like her too and I hope she does well!! She seems so nice and calm :)

Sele said...

This is an incredible shout out to Vika. I've been following her and Grishina since late 07 and early 08. She's been on my radar for a while now and have always expected nothing but greatness from her, i too made the bold prediction way back then that she would be the 2012 AA champion but had no idea that she was going to be this strong on ALL four events. There hasn't been a gymnast this well rounded and this poised in YEARS! It's great to see Russia be in the spotlight again with this new darling gymnast. I only wish her the best health in the world.