Friday, November 04, 2011

Gold Medal Plates

Photo © @JesseLumsden28

Last night I was in Edmonton for Gold Medal Plates - an annual gala fundraiser for the Canadian Olympic Foundation.

I, of course, did my customary handstand on stage. Always a good party trick that helps sell auction packages! Last week I attended the event in Calgary and I didn't have as much success holding it - in fact, I think I was about 2 glasses of wine over "handstand" holding capacity ;)

I am super excited that I will be traveling to Napa Valley in California in April, along with Alex Bilodeau and Colin James, to host a group of guests from these GMP events. It is going to be an amazing trip where we will drink lots of wine, go on some amazing runs and relax in the California sunshine!

Thanks to everyone for coming out last night and congratulations to the all of the chefs on some incredible food!

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