Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Melissa Grad-gee-ated! - November 13th 2007

Congrats Hun!

Melissa had her convocation today. She got her BA in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology!

She's not only beautiful, but smart too!

I think that one of the most acquired skills gained through completing a University degree is the ability to read and write effectively! Melissa spent many hours writing late night papers and reading what I'm sure felt like endless chapters. But guess what?! No more! She's done. Movin' on...moving forward...and the next stop? Makin' some money! And then she's going to complete her masters degree in education!

I'm very proud of her! It was incredible to be there and watch her walk across the stage, knowing all the hard work that she put forth in order to earn that degree.

Congrats again Melissa!

Now let's celebrate! Champagne anyone?


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Rick said...

Excellent, Melissa.