Friday, August 08, 2008


It was exactly one year ago that I started this blog with the intention of sharing my journey in the year leading up to Beijing. I wanted to be open and honest, vulnerable and raw. I wanted to be real and I wanted to have people feel like they connected with me as a person and as a gymnast. I could have never predicted the roller coaster ride that this past year has been, but thank you all for being a part of it.

I feel like today should be the day where I write something extremely monumental and philosophical...but I have to be honest, I don't have the time or focus to put that one together right now. Maybe the philosopher in me can come and play another day. Right now I am getting into the competition zone. I am slowing things down and keeping it simple. I am breathing and I am constantly reminding myself that I am ready...because I am.

Just to give a quick update: The Brandon situation has been decided. He will compete. He will be in pain (the poor guy's ankle is black and blue, which I guess is a good thing because it means everything bad is getting out), but as I mentioned in my last post, he can fight with the best of them. I know that he is going to give his best effort and in the heat of the moment he will feel adrenaline and urgency which will help tremendously. As it turns out, it is a sprain (there are some other "doctor terms" in there, but in layman's terms, it is a sprain). A pretty major one, but one that can be managed with tape, anesthetic and pain killers. I have full faith in B and I know that tomorrow he will rise to the occasion for the team.

The entire Canadian team left for Opening Ceremonies about an hour ago...some of us decided to stay behind and catch the action on TV. I know that this is the right choice for me. It is hot out there and the night has the potential to be long and tiring. I don't know of any gymnasts from any countries that are going because we all compete within the next 2 days and we need to feel amazing.

In all 3 of my Olympic appearances, I have never been to an Opening Ceremonies. I am on the same page as many of you: I can only imagine the feeling of walking in when the announcer says, "Canada". That would be incredible and I think at that moment I would burst with Canadian pride and excitement. But I know why I am here...I am here to compete and tomorrow is the day.

I've had a pretty good pre-competition day. We trained this morning and that went well. I did some stuff on all events and spent about 2 hours in the gym. It was packed. China, Japan, Russia, France, a mixed group and us are all in our session. I'm interested in knowing who the audience will choose to watch at any given time during the competition. I'm sure the majority of the audience will be transfixed on China (duh!), but I hope that I can stand out amongst the crowd and be noticed.

In the day leading up to Olympic competition your brain plays a few tricks on you. At one moment you have yourself convinced that you are going to be calm and nail your routines, but then the next you have these thoughts of doubt creep in. Today I imagined myself missing something that I have never missed. I am not going to say what it was because I don't want to jinx myself, but I got a little mad at myself for even thinking it. Why am I trying to sabotage my own performance?? Seriously, I think a lot of athletes do it. I think it is very normal, very natural, but it is so frustrating. I go through this vicious cycle every time I am at a big competition and so I am trying to not let is phase me, but it is not something that I like experiencing. My goal for tomorrow is to constantly tell myself that I am ready, prepared, awesome, finely tuned and incredibly good looking (inside joke)!

I had a conversation with Susan, my wonderful physio, today about how I am going to try and not be too excited tomorrow while I am competing. Why should I be? I am just going out there and doing the same thing that I have been doing for the past few months. I have to go in there and hit 4 routines for my team. I'm not hoping for a miracle. I have already created one. This kind of thinking puts my mind at ease...

Well, I should end this post. I could write forever tonight, but I should really be visualizing and resting. I have some energy that I need to store in a safe and happy place so I can feel better tomorrow than I have ever felt.

I know that I am not going to have the best sleep tonight, but that was in my plan. I am going to keep to myself tomorrow and just get myself deeper in the zone. When you are all watching me compete, I want you to know that I am going to be enjoying every moment of it and appreciating the opportunity, but it just might look like I am a very serious athlete!

I can't wait to write my next post.



MSEH said...

I'm in New Brunswick, watching the opening ceremonies. As a new immigrant (from the US), I just heard about your "story" while watching the CBC. Best of luck to you in these games!

MelanieJanelle said...

I'm so excited for you Kyle! I can't wait to watch you. All the best, I know you'll do wonderfully!!


Scott & Michale Shewfelt said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are in the "zone". Rest well, I am so excited to see you tonight!!! Well tomorrow morning. Scott and I have already set a schedual of sleeping after we watch you. Each taking turns sleeping and watching the baby.
I am sending you lots of love and good vibes your way! GO SHEWFELT GO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are The Man !

You exemplify what it is to be an athlete from start to finish.

You have and are SHARING a journey that has been very special.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Olympian-Star Kyle,
Knowing you will do well, whether on the podium or not!! We will be watching you on Tv and cheering you on!! See you in Calgary when you get home!!
Uncle Warren and Aunty Betty

Anonymous said...

hi Kyle! well, i really dunno what to say. my family and i are huge fans of yours. we'll be cheering you on tomorrow for the men's gymnastics qualification rounds. now exactly what time will that be on cbc tomorrow...?

the BEST of luck to you!!!
--some pretty proud canadians

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to watch you tomorrow....just go do what you do best! We are so proud of you and all the guys on the team!

Erin said...

Good Luck in the competition Kyle. You have done us all so proud already. Rock your routines and have fun at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read more of your blog! Good luck!!!

Mark in Petawawa said...

Guy, you are an amazing inspiration to anyone with the good fortune to learn of your trials and triumphs. At the risk of sounding cheesy, Know that you are truly blessed with the strongest will and determination.... and I have seen up close and personal the extreme challenges that some face every day. From everyone at CFB Petawawa and City of Pembroke, home of your fellow Olympian Sarah Boudens, we are watching you with great pride dude!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best Kyle!!
So excited for you!


A Proud Canadian from Burlington, Ontario.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences on your blog, Kyle.

Canada is behing you and cheering you on! Best of luck as you compete. Have a blast in Beijing!


-Steph in Toronto

Maya Kanani said...

Good luck Kyle! My entire family is cheering for you and sending good luck to the entire Canadian Olympic Team.

We have faith in you and know you'll make us proud no matter what! We're also staying up late to watch you live =)

Dana said...

Go Kyle!

Dez said...

visualizing and resting. I can only hope that this is the time and this is your Moment. stay focused and stay clear of the paparazzi! unless you show them all your good sides.

I am all camped out in front of my big screen waiting for your event.

Anonymous said...

We have kept an eye on you for years and your blog does what you wanted (fills us in on YOU!).
We feel like we know you, your strength, heart and determination! You've come a long way.......JUST TO GO FURTHER! go kyle go!
We admire you... and we will always wish you the best.
GOOD LUCK TO ALL - you deserve to be there!
(setting up camp in the livingroom.... haha)

Anonymous said...

good luck to you. You are already a canadian hero for your incredible journey during the last year , whatever happens now is just icing on the cake Can't wait to watch you. you make one proud to be Canadian

Anonymous said...

you have been such an inspiration to all of us, no doubt that every canadian will be cheering you on!! my fam is staying up late to watch you, you're just sooo brave and ambitious with your dreams. its amazing, don't sweat it with beijing, everyone knows you're a champion already.

excited fan from toronto, ont.

Go KYLE Go! Go Canada. Best of luck to you and the rest of your team.

Anonymous said...

good luck and congrats to ur success on ur recovery for ur knees.
im sure u will do amazing as long as u stay focused and have fun!!!!!!!
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

You go Kyle, you are an inspiration to us all!

victoriajh said...

kyle you make us all VERY proud to be canadian!!
we are here cheering you on!!!

Dana said...

Kyle - you are an inspiration to every athlete. I have a daughter, aged 12, that is a gymnast (BC Provincial champ and winner of the BC Winter Games). We watched your story together and I told her that your story is what the Olympics are about... the stories of every athlete that is there. We will be watching you and cheering you and your team on from Kelowna, British Columbia! Stay strong!

Catherine from Alberta said...

Know that Canada is behind you and the whole team!!! Whatever the outcome you will always be a winner in our books. Your journey is a true inspiration to all of us. God be with you.

Cathy said...

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

good luck bud!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Kyle! I became a fan in Athens and was heartbroken for you in Stuttgart. The road you've traveled since has been the very opposite of ideal but your comeback is such a testament to your strength of will and passion. You've put yourself in a position to write a great ending to a story that flirted with tragedy... I believe that it will be an amazing ending indeed because if you were able to make it back, you can do anything. 挑战自己超过自我
-Dani in Puerto Rico

zchamu said...

I just found your blog after seeing your parents on TV last night. What an amazing story. All the best, and we'll be watching.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing young man you are, and you exemplify everything that the Olympics are about. Canadians everywhere are watching you and the team, praying for you all. Whatever happens, you have already made us VERY proud! God bless.

Alan said...

I heard about your blog from the

Wishing you all the best GO CANADA

dude said...

Hi Kyle,
Just watched a segment on CBC on your journey. I want you to know that you are my inspiration, and I look forward to your book. All the best to you and team Canada.

Go Kyle! Go Canada!


Lannio said...

You are an incredible athlete and articulate person. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Congratulations on your performances today. It was amazing to watch you not only compete but be up there again at top world class level - after everything you've done.

I hope that you will put pen to paper and write your story. You have an amazing career ahead of you as a story teller.

Sandi said...

Well done Kyle! We are so proud of you and all that your represent!

annemarie said...

Kyle, I just watched you NAIL your vault this morning...amazing.!! As a retired competitive gymnast, I remember my many competitions away from mom would say "tap your left shoulder and I will be right there with you"...she was my lucky charm! Best wishes, good luck

VermontCowgirl said...

I just watched you, you did great and I have faith in you... You are an inspiration for many people in the world.

Sarah said...

Kyle, you are incredibly inspirational! I've got shivers right now watching your floor routine! Brandon is pretty inspiring too.

I'm a racewalker, and I've been out with a fractured toe for going on 5 weeks now. Your story has motivated me. I know that I WILL come back from this little fractured toe!

Good Luck to you and the rest of the team! Go Canada Go!

Tara said...

I am watching now on CBC and wanted to send best wishes from a proud Canadian. You and the whole team are awesome. Best Wishes. Deb

Anonymous said...

Kyle---I am a Canadian living in the US (Atlanta) but am visiting my family in Newfoundland at the moment. We are watching you on CBC and you are absolutely amazing. You're nailing everything and are a true inspiration to athletes, non-athletes, competitors, non-competitors----etc etc etc. I have been following your story since Athens and want you to know how proud we are of you as fellow Canadians. Good luck and best wishes----we are with you whatever happens!
Glenda Keating

Anonymous said...

I just heard on the news that you just missed making it to the finals. Just to let you know, I love watching gymnastics and you are still my hero. It's wonderful that you made it there and had a chance. All the best to you in the future.

Divawrites said...

I have always been a fan of you, but never more so than watching you come back from your injuries. You have always been a class competitor; and as far as I and the rest of Canada are concerned, you've already won gold.
All the best to you and the rest of the gymnastics team. I'll be cheering from my armchair in Ontario (which really, since I'm a klutz at anything athletic is a safe place for me to be.)
Go Canada.

Amanda said...

Hi Kyle,
I can't imagine that you have time to read all these comments but I just have to write. I wish I could say I have been following your career but I'm going to be honest...just heard your story last night on CBC. many things so through my mind but the amazing power of God really stands out. As we sit in our living room in Ottawa watching our Canadian athletes compete, and talk/yell at the TV set, our family is in awe of you, Kyle Shewfelt. My sons 10 and 8 years old watched you compete this morning and are inspired my your story and your smile. Thank you for being open and willing to share your journey. It was so awesome to watch you compete knowing that a year ago you probably couldn't even walk. Your journey is one that I will touch on to help my children through their own trials in and out of sports.
God Bless you!

Denise said...

Good-luck! What an amazing journey this past year has been. I'll be watching and cheering for you.

Méghan Smith said...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics! Good Job Kyle! Good luck EricGillis!

Oh, wow Kyle Shewfelt from Calgary, Alta uses this blog! I'm so honered (wrong spelling I know) to be using the same blogging net work as him. I can't believe that he didn't qulaify! :'( His Vault rutine was amazing and so was his floor. He did an outstanding job.
Good luck Eric Gillis! Eric is from my town! Antigonish, N.S. He is doing Track and Feild, the 10,000m. Good Luck to all!!

~*~Méghan K Smith~*~


Posted by Méghan Smith at 4:53 PM 0 comments

pochunchen said...

Dear Kyle,

It's 1:51 pm here in Vancouver so just a quick post before your next blog entry. (I watched the whole qualification round live last night so please excuse me if my English isn't perfect...I had 4 hours of sleep this morning!)

Firstly, my absolutely congratulation on doing your best in all of the rotations you competed. You have outdone yourself (the true Olympic spirit, by the way). Plus you now have a vault named after you (and a stuck landing too)!

(It would be awesome if you can upload the footages…I would enjoy watching them again. I think everything else is extra—including the results.)

Speaking of which, it was extremely obvious that your marks were way too low.

I hate to say this but my worst fear has manifested. Four years ago you mentioned something about compete at the 2008 Olympics and I knew that the gymnastic organization would do something like this. Sure, there were minor bobbles here and there—but other gymnasts had bobbles, too. Your coach was right: people didn’t want you compete at the finals or you might hurt other people’s chances of medaling. (And I can say this because I’m Chinese! I am not from the mainland but I know exactly how an Olympic gold medal worth to the communist government. It’s been documented on Chinese newspapers for four years now.)

So take heart that you’ve done what you have set out to do and please enjoy the games. You’ve worked your tail off for the last four years to get you where you are right now: more than entitled to relax! Since the Canadian government hasn’t justly rewarded your achievements you might as well make a great trip out of it. (They are paying for the accommodations, right? If not then I’m talking to my MP. I’m serious here.)

In all I wish you all the luck in the world in whatever endeavour you have decided to do from now on. As far as I am concerned you have no regret so all is well.

What can I say? It’s times like this that I’m proud to be a Canadian.



PS: Thanks for the blog…I’ve been reading all the posts since last November. Sorry for not writing you sooner: I’m not a sports psychologist so I didn’t think it was appropriate to express my thoughts until this point. Regarding the endorsement issue…I used to work for large corporations so I would like to share with you what I've observed. This post is getting long so maybe sometimes soon.

iFred said...

i was watching your prelims this morning here in toronto... you did your best and were proud of you!

Anonymous said...


you literally gave me goose bumps.

Bravo !



Xavier said...

I'm from Montreal, just wanna say Good luck!! Go GO! :-)

Myriam said...

Salut Kyle !

Même si aujourd'hui tu n'as pas pu accéder à la finale, dans ma tête et dans mon coeur, tu es déjà sacré champion. Il faut beaucoup de persévérance et de courage de ta part afin d'avoir réussi tout cet exploit qui t'a permis aujourd'hui d'être présent aux Jeux. Ta victoire n'est peut-être pas une médaille olympique mais c'est une victoire de volonté et cela prouve que tu es un homme remplit de talent.

Longue vie à toi.

Myriam xxx

Pat said...

Cheering you on, Kyle!

Brooks88 said...

Yo Kyle, way to make it to Beijing this summer! You did your best and made Canada proud, congrats on accomplishing an amazing goal of a one year come back and managing a great showing. You showed the world what it means to be Canadian! You ROCK!

Carolyn said...

You make us all proud. Congratulations!

Sue said...

Hi Kyle... you are simply amazing! I watched you and the other guys compete today - it was exciting, it was fantastic, and it was so very inspirational!!!! You have shown us that anything can happen with hard work, support and dedication. I can only imagine how much you have put in over this past year. Your routines were beautiful. You are gold! Your whole country is wildly proud of you and your team!!!!

Sue in Atlantic Canada (I'm so happy that I found your blog :)

Daniel Blitzen said...

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rx said...

congratulations kyle. i am watching you on cbc right now, and the smile on your face is contagious. you are absolutely amazing and deeply inspiring.

Bri said...

I am very proud of you, Kyle.

Vivi Anna said...

You're an inspiration to all Canadians Kyle. I watched you today and thought you were brilliant. You rock!!!

A Proud Canadian said...

I watched in awe your floor routine, and then your interview on CBC. You sir are a true champion and I could not be more proud that a person of your character is representing our country. And since I don't have the same humble attitude I thought the judging sucked!!

Anonymous said...

Elllllllo shewfelt!
I was just watching you perform and later doing an interview with the CBC anchor.
You're such an inspiring indivisual and I cannot be more excited to see you compete and go for that dark jade.
I'm also so surprised that you keep a blog... i think it's an amazing way for you to connect with your fans or anyone who's interested to hear about your journey. You're just one of us! I think you're abosolutely fantastic and down to earth... and i hope to meet you one day, Kyle!

Untill then...

show 'em what you're really made out of. make history. make dream. make us proud.


For the Love of Learning said...

My son is 5 and has been doing gymnastics for the last two years. Tonight was the first time that he has ever watched anyone other than a 3 to 5 year old. He sat mesmorized watching you doing your routines. You did us Canadians proud!! Your interview on CBC was fantastic. You spoke so eloquently. Your coaches, friends and family must be so proud of you. You are a Canadian hero and definitely someone that our Canadian youth will look up to! If my kids do anything with gymnastics, it's because of you!

Mojo Len said...

I just sat thru your interview with Ron MacLean. I can honestly say its an honour to be represented by you and your team mates. Congrats on all your success.
The Hug after your floor set with your coach was priceless.

Mojo Len

Anonymous said...

Your story is truly inspirational...and you handled the question about the judges from the cbc reporter very well when you talked about focusing on the things you can control. Good on you. Best of luck

anon African somewhere in Canada

J &J Guerrero said...

We watched your interview in the CBC after seeing your great performance in Vault and Floor. We're very proud of you and we think your performances are only match by your character.

Ashley said...

You are a shining example of why I feel such pride for Canadian athletes. You always seem humble, kind, caring and happy, never arrogant. You have shown so much courage and dedication in the last 10 months, and your performance at the Games was deserving of all the praise in the world. Best of luck in the future.
-Ashley in Riverview, New Brunswick-

tlk said...

Your CBC interview made in tear up.

You are what it means to truly be a champion.

Anonymous said...

We watched you and the team with my 4 year old son. He just started in gymnastics this past spring. He was pumped when he found out that there was gymnastics "on the Olympics" and that you were from "Calgary, just like Jerome, Damien and Kipper" (you are in high esteem with him if he put you with those guys! ) =0)
He cheered like I have never seen him before! Seeing it through his eyes, and the pride that beamed out him, made me so proud to be Canadian, and so thankful for you and the rest of team!
In the end all he kept saying was "look at his legs, they are perfect, he did it, he went to the Olympics, I want to go next time, just like Kyle!"
Thank you for persuing this dream, for you, for Canada, for me, for my son, and showing us all that hard work, determination and dreams truly do bring about miracles!
Our house is proud to be Canadian and proud to be Calgarians! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kyle,
My Mom's post is just before mine, but I wanted to say something too:

"We live in Canada, just like you, you did good with gymnastics. We are proud of you. My name is Joel Stephen John Warren, and I do gymanstics too, my favorite is the rings! I hope to see you one day. Fly home safe to Canada!"

Alvin R. said...

I don't think you could have done anything more. Your first vault was perfect, you were happy exiting the floor exercice. Your story has touch so many Canadians. You are a very uncommon HERO!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. Your story is not over, you have a lot more to write and to achieve.

Tiffany said...

Hi from Toronto ;]
My sister & I were watching you on tv earlier..we thought you did very good and deserved a much higher score! (same with the rest of the team) Congrats for all your success!!
btw - interesting blog..I like the way you write.

Randy Zahara said...

Hi Kyle, I watched you compete today and also saw your interview afterward which is how I found your blog. You are a shining example of the strength and class and spirit of our country. I am incredibly inspired by you and all of your Canadian Team mates in Beijing. My writing partner and I wrote a song called Let O Canada Play that CBC Television may use later in the games to show highlights of Canadian performances. It was written for all of you to let you know how proud we, and all Canadians are of you and team Canada for the dedication, talent spirit and class that you all show in competitions. If you have an ipod you can download the song at for free. If you like the song, please feel free to pass it on. Thank you for being a remarkable person and for making all of us in Canada proud to be from the same country as you!
Enjoy the rest of the games.


Randy Zahara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Canadian flake said...

Allow me to add my congratulations to everyone else in the country and the world that is so proud of you. I sat glued to the TV watching you and cheering you on, as I am sure many did in our Country. Please know that your country is very proud of you and the boys... I am sure you have inspired the next generation of gymnasts. Congrats again on a job well done.

Rain said...

I watched you and the team doing gymnastics qualifying yesterday and I was so proud of all of you! I hope B is okay. My best friend and I are on a weight loss journey and we are both inspired by you Kyle, you give credibility to the saying "The world is your oyster".

Anonymous said...

OUR Olympic Star still shines; even though medal is not be this round. You and your team did Canada proud. We will be cheering on Nathan & Adam.
And there is still good reason to celebrate when you get back to Calgary. See you there.
Love Uncle Warren and Aunty Betty

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle, I'm amazed by your story. You are the true olympic champion. I'm so proud of you.

HY from Calgary

swhitfield said...

what a comeback this year Kyle, we're really proud of you.

Simon, Jennie and Pippa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kyle,
Nous avons apprécié ta prestation aux JO de Pékin. Ce qui est surtout important pour nous c'est de connaître tout ton parcours pour en arriver là ! Cette réhabilitation après ton accident, a demandé force et courage, détemination également. Dans notre coeur, tu as déjà gagné ta médaille d'or ! Je suis enseignante en 1re année du primaire et lors de la première semaine de classe nous parlerons des JO de Pékin. C'est avec beaucoup d'admiration que je raconterai ton histoire à mes petits élèves de 6 ans. Tu es et seras une source d'inspiration pour moi !
We are so proud of what you did !
Sylvie Ozell
Coteau du Lac, Québec

Amy Elise Laura in Lindsay said...

Hi Kyle: We watched you compete in Beijing and were totally blown away by the power of your performance, especially knowing what you've been through this past year. With two daughter gymnasts in the house (one who broke her leg in May and is scared about the return to the gym), we were absolutely moved by your performance. Awesome! You should be very proud.

Elise in Lindsay said...

Dear Kyle'

You did so well in Beijing! I couldn't believe how fast you recovered from two broken legs! You should be proud of yourself. I have a broken leg and am afraid to go back to gymnastics next week. I wish i could be like you and be so confident! My mom keeps telling me 'You'll do fine " but I'm afraid I'll have to start all over.I only just found your blog so now i'll try and stay in touch. You are my role model! Elise

shagun said...

first of all congratulations!!
i loved your vault and floor routines!
and i guess you get this a lot but your are a totally amazing person/ inspiration for what youve accomplished!

and VERY good job to brandon as well! he too did an amazing job with that bad ankle.

deltay said...

Best of luck in the Olympics!

Sophie Tremblay from Montreal, QC said...

First, congratulations for all the canadian team in the qualifications! You were all very impressive! I just wonder how some people may think that you weren't good enough because you didn't make it through the teams final...I'm very proud of you all to pass from 11th to 9th!! That's fantastic! I know how it could be frustating to be that close to the final... I've been 21st when the first 20 were going to the Championnat québécois de gymnastique a few years ago... But just to have a team in the Olympics is more then enough. When I first knew that you broke your two knees that close to Beijing I thought you wouldn't be able to compete at all, so your results are so much more then "okay" as some people - who don't know gymnastic at all - think. I send a big good luck to Nathan, Adam and Elyse whoe will compete in the all-around in a few days and hope they will do as good as they can, I'm so proud of them! If you meet Martine Dugrenier (Wrestling), please wish her good luck from Sophie Tremblay and her family, it would be very appreciated! She used to be my gymanstic coach and I didn't have the chance to wish her good luck before she leaves. I hope you'll enjoy your time in China and congratulations again for your extraordinary competition!

Maya Kanani said...

My family just heard you commentating on the team finals. You were great! Keep up the good work =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE U Kyle for crying with the Chinese men's team! Best of luck to you too! - a Chinese Canadian

Anonymous said...

Thankyou kyle for your great job on tv .gymnastics made sense for once why get a women to do men gymnastics i dont know .

Winnie said...

Hi Kyle,

i've been a fan of you and the Canadian men's gymnastic team for quite some time now, especially after you guys stole the show (in my opinion) at the Melbourne Commonwealth games.

i think you did a fantastic job in Beijing - i managed to catch yours and Nathan's routine on the parallel bars before the camera shifted its focus (i'm watching from home!).

help me wish good luck to the others from the Canadian team who are competing in the individual events!

Winnie (from Malaysia)

mélou said...

First time here. Just learned about you watching the Olympic Games. I'm a physio myself, be sure I will take the time to go through everything you wrote during the last year. You did great! It's amazing how fast you recovered. Enjoy the rest of the Games!

skinnylegsandall said...

I am currently listening to you commentate for the mens gymnastics and you are hands down the most positive person ever. It's really refreshing. I think you should consider becomming a school teacher when you decide to retire from gymnastics. The world is so tough on kids these days and I think it is vital that they have good, positive role models to make them feel good about themselves. I could see you being that person.

Enjoy the rest of your time in China.