Friday, August 01, 2008

Getting into the Beijing Groove

Yesterday was the day I had been waiting for since arriving in Beijing.

I had been feeling a little out of sorts and almost like my brain and body hadn't quite arrived in China yet! My brain felt tired (fighting to keep my eyes open was a constant battle), disorientated (some skills like a def - a one and a half twisting release move- on highbar were very interesting!), confused (why is it lunch time and I am not hungry at all?). My body felt heavy (I am not fat, in fact I am 'ripped' Kyle right now, but sitting on your arse for 20 hours can make you feel like you have a little extra junk in your trunk), slow (most things, gymnastically speaking, felt sluggish and laboured) and a little frustrated that things weren't falling into place the way I dreamt they would. There were a couple of times I thought, "I'm at the Olympics...why don't I feel AMAZING?! Have I lost my passion? Why didn't I hold off on that McDonalds cheeseburger until after the competition?! What's wrong with me? Life is over!!!" (OK, maybe a little dramatic, but you have to remember that I am an actor -cough, White Palms, cough- extraordinaire! haha)

I guess I was just being a freak and over analyzing my state of being as per usual.

As it turns out, all I really needed was just a couple of days to get adjusted. Yesterday, folks, was absolutely AMAZING!

I had another one of those training days where it felt like no obstacle could get in my way. My brain was there, I was focused and driven. My body was there, I felt fast and powerful. My emotions were in check, I felt like I was at the Olympics and it totally empowered me.

Our training plan for yesterday was 1 routine on each. At this point in the game you want to take a couple of quick warm up turns and then show your coach and your team one incredible routine. Sounds easy enough...and yesterday it was.

You know those days when you have a 'things to do list' that is long, you know it will require efficiency and effort, but there is nothing in your mind that will stop you from getting it done. By the end of the day you've got your car washed, picked up your dry cleaning, bought a card at the dollar store, gone grocery shopping, dropped off your prescription, got your hair cut and even bought a bottle of wine for the party you're going to in a couple of days. Well, yesterday was my errand day. Except instead of buying and cleaning, I was planche-ing, yurchenko-ing, double double-ing and tkatchev-ing! haha. I was on fire.

Not only did I look like a champ yesterday, but my entire team did as well. Everyone was hitting routines like they were going out of style. I think Edouard got a little bit dizzy at a few points in the day because as soon as one guy landed then another was calling his name to come over and watch. It was great. It makes me smile right now just thinking about it. Momentum is such a powerful thing. As an athlete, on those days that things just click you feel like you are absolutely invincible.

This is a great way to be feeling right now. It's exactly what I wanted and expected, but I wasn't getting the confirmation in training until yesterday. Now that I have it, I feel like my focus is going down one level deeper. I am getting a little more prepared for my battle.

One week left.



Katrina said...

Kyle, You're my second pick team! (gotta pick my hometeam usa first ;)) I'm so glad you've been able to blog throughout this whole experience! It's really awesome to read

Anna said...


Dez said...

All I Can Say Is I Got my lawnchair some bottled water and a bag of carrot sticks and Camped out in front of the Big Screen. I am so Excited for You and Your Team. We can see You through the TV tube 2 bad U can't see me. He he

Let the FUN/GAMES Begin!!!!

I might have to post a pic of me in my lawncahir :)

Dana said...

Bravo Kyle!
Keep it up!

swhitfield said...

Kyle, recently our squad has adopted the Dimitri Martin expression "crazy awesome" (must be said very quickly, "crazyawesome").

When Colin Jenkins smashed everyone on the ride today, I rode up beside him afterwards and said "dude that was crazyawesome".


Jennie, Pippa and I thought we'd send some "crazyawesome" your way.

Do your thing.

S, J&P.

Bre said...

That is so great! I am thinking of you every day!

ciao "ripped kyle!" hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle, As a Shewfelt, you make us proud. Your cousin in San Diego, California.-Laure Shewfelt,and the rest of the family.