Thursday, August 14, 2008


Greetings friends and family,

I have been piecing together a post competition blog, but it is still a work in progress. It's been hard to find the time to get everything in there!

I want everyone to know that I am doing well and I totally appreciate your support and kindness (I am not replying to many emails right now because there is an overwhelming amount of them pouring in, but I am reading every one!). I have been smiling and enjoying the Olympics to the max. I have been extremely busy with media stuff (including helping out with the CBC men's gymnastics broadcasts which has been an awesome opportunity for me...I hope I'm doing OK and not butchering it).

I will continue to plug away and hopefully have a post up in the next couple of days.

Thanks for being patient and I hope you all are enjoying the Olympics so far!

Go Canada Go!



Sandi said...

You are doing a great job for CBC!!! We have been really enjoying your comments.

Sandi, St Jacobs, ON

shagun said...

haha..u've been doing an AMAZING job on TV. it makes it so much more fun to have an actual gymanst explain stuff.

sarahjam said...

You're doing a WICKED job commenting on CBC! It's so great to hear your added touches since you know the mens team inside out... we wouldn't know about Nathan's strength and Adam's determination without ya!! I think it's so amazing that Calgary has bred so many wonderful gymnasts... I am from Ontario and can only wish our province could say the same, as this is my favourite sport!

Enjoy Beijing to the max - for all of us.

PS- You have a great voice so all your worries in that department have also been sold... you got nothing to worry about.

sarahjam said...

Correction... i can think of several different examples where each player has been equally determined and strong. but it was such a treat having you commenting, kyle, it really was. when i turned the tv on to watch the mens on both nights, a HUGE smile came over me! you're a hero.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching CBC yesterday, and the moment I heard the broadcaster, I knew immediately and recognized that it was you. :) You were awesome!

No matter what you do, I'll always be rooting for you! You have had a great career as a gymnast, and always will. You make Canada proud!

Keep posting on your blog - it's great to hear from you :)

Anonymous said...

you are doing a great job at cbc make sense to me to have a male someone who know what they are taking about, what do you think about maybe a guy who wont get the chance to do another olympics, could have been picked for allround ,GRANT and DAVID YES Nat and Adam did a great job, but they will get another chance next time.

wang.guan said...

hey kyle i absolutely adore you on floor and vt!

i heard you performed a new vault in beijing and it's named after you! that is so cool!

is there a video of it? or can anyone tell me what move is it? :D


victoria said...

Jumping on quickly to say that i am SOOO loving your commentary! I knwo it must be hard for you NOT to be competing- but your insight and inromtion is making it SOOO muc better for those of us who watch- THANK YOU!!!!!

Arthur said...

HI Kyle, I was very happy to watch the men's gymnastics and follow your comentary. Your insights have made this the best broadcast I've yet seen on C.B.C. I hope that you are having some time to yourself to enjoy this Olympic city and the area around it. I also hope that you will get to march in the closing ceremony. It was sad to learn that this was your third Olympics and you've never been able to take part in the openings. Is there ever the possibility that the organizing comittee will move events around and say let Track and Field be the opening event so that the gymnast and swimmers can have their moment in the ceremonies too? I learned that Mike Brown also spent the opening in his room resting up. It seem a shame, but is understandable given how long the opening takes. Anyways. Great work! I hope that you'll keep this blog going. How can we e-mail you?

M said...

i'm not a particularily huge gymnastics fan (which may have something to do with the fact that i don't have an ounce of flexibility...) but i absolutely love watching you perform and i am so glad you are representing Canada.

P.S. Your blog is so capivating and well written... ever thought of an autobiography or something? I'm sure you'd have plenty of readers :)

Ruth said...

You've been sounding great on CBC! And, as others have said, it's nice to have someone who really knows the sport and team members giving an inside view of things.

Joanne Motta said...

Contratulations Kyle on your comeback and your CBC commentary. I am enjoying it immensley!

Enjoy Beijing!

Joanne Motta

Andrew Siegwart said...

Kyle, You're doing a great job on CBC... I loved your commentary last eventing with the all around final... very fair and positive comments and lots of insight about each apparatus. It made it even that much more exciting!

So proud of the Canadian Team!

Andrew, Toronto

Dez said...

Whatever Happens Now. You Are Everyone's Star!!!


Your Blog has been filled with LOVE and HEART. so much more than you ever thought you get.

Smile and speak of TRUTH and ALL Will Be Yours.

I am so Glad UR Having FUN!

naphier said...

You are awesome, Kyle! Not only did you perform pretty strong and beautiful but you did a fantastic job on TV. I'm not familiar with gymnastics. However, I totally enjoyed watching man's gymnastics games. I love your commentary! Your performance, for sure!

Enjoy Beijing Olympics!

Tracy said...

My non-gymnastics sister said that listening to your comments made all the difference. She said you have so much compassion in your voice. It's not just all about the tricks but what the gymnasts are really feeling and experiencing. When you were commenting on Fabian's experience, she said you really helped people to understand how sad he and distressed he was feeling.
Your just the best. An all-around great Olympian!! We're pround to claim you as our own!

Denise said...

I thought you did a great job on the CBC broadcasts. I liked that you could give it a more personal feel because you know the gymnasts. I hope you get to do more in the future.

lonestaroftejas said...

I thought I recognized your voice. I enjoyed your commentary. Of course, you know your stuff. You did well. I will say some of the CBC commentators could do better. :)

Dana said...

I have heard that your commentary on CBC is great
I am pouting that I don't have access to it here in the US - and am stuck watching crappy NBC "live" coverage - which means I know the final results on the internet before I even see anything on TV. I sure wish I could have seen you compete.
YOU are amazing Kyle - keep it up!

ChocoMonster said...

go, Kyle go!


Winnie, KL, Malaysia

chayabear said...

You have done a great job on CBC! I'm lucky enough to be over in Canada on holiday. It's great to hear a gymnast's perspective.


Peter76 said...

By far the best gymnastics commentary I have heard on any television broadcast. Succinct yet informative at the same time.

Enjoy the downtime and best of luck to you in the World Championships next year! Onwards and upwards to 2012...

Anonymous said...

kyle.. my family and i have been enjoying your commentary for CBC. It's great to hear from the perspective of someone who has been in their position before. And congrats on your Olympic experience.. so inspiring that you were able to compete even with your injuries not so long ago!

Empty Nest Mom said...

My son who is a hockey player and not a gymnast called me down to listen to you commentate. Best commentator he's heard. I'd have to agree with him.

Congratulations on that and on representing our country so well.

Anonymous said...

KYLE you've been doing an AMAZING JOB commentating for CBC. since gymnastics run pretty late in ONT, my brother and I are like, "no we need to watch this, kyle shewfelt's commentating! we love him!" and luckily our parents give in. you're very good at it too, so no need to worry at. like everyone else is saying, it's really a huge treat getting to have you commentate. it's really richer to hear someone being able to more accurately relate to the athletes like you do with your experience and compassion. and how does it feel having a vault routine named after you? =) Like many have said already, you'll always be a matchless figure to canada whether broadcasting or otherwise. and we'll all be rooting for you and trying to keep up =D just recognizing your voice on CBC is enough to put a huge smile on our faces. don't tell the CBC people but you've been giving the best broadcasts of these olympics! hehehe. HAVE THE BEST TIME IN BEIJING!

Go CANADA GO. GO Shewfelt <3

eagerly awaiting your next entry,
just one of your many proud canadians

Anonymous said...

Can anybody help me please?
how do you email Kyle? =)


go Kyle go.
Canada's superstar!!!

lots of love and luck Kyle ;)
have a blast in beijing!!!