Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I had an appointment with Dr.Mohtadi this morning and I got some pretty cool news. I got the go ahead to remove the left brace.

Now it's time to start the true rehabilitation process. First, I have to get my left leg straight. This is a daunting task because no matter how gentle you are, it just feels nasty when you move your leg past the point of comfort. Sad thing is, you have to push it because it's the only way that you can regain full range of motion. It almost feels like my knee cap needs to be injected with some WD40. Then, after it's straight, I need to do some serious strengthening! My skin is just dangling off and my muscles are goo. I desperately need some definition!

After my appointment, I walked out of the office with only one crutch and I was motorin' along! I could almost feel the breeze through my hair and the wind on my cheeks. haha. Actually, I was pretty slow because my left leg felt like it could give out at any, it was icy outside because it snowed the night before (Calgary weather sucks sometimes!).

I can not explain the amount of relief I get from this news. I feel more independent already. Freedom is a marvelous thing!

Now, I have to figure out what to do with the braces. I thought that I might have a burning party, but those things cost me 600 bucks!



Dylan Glynn said...
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Dylan Glynn said...

I am SO happy to hear that your braces are off. When I read about how frustrated you were about the rehabilitation process in your earlier post it really stuck with me. Being a gymnast myself your examples of why you felt so disconnected from the sport really resonated with me. Particularily when you mentioned you had lost your calluses, even for me that was a strange thought, and i've only been in the sport for 6 years or so, for you I'm sure it would be hard, if not impossible to imagine yourself without them. With all that said, congratulations, and good luck with the rest of the rehab.

By the way, I mentioned in an earlier post that I had posted a drawing of you on my blog, it was posted on for a while as well, so if you get a chance take a look.

Katrina said...

Go Kyle! You'll be back in no time!