Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Based on my past Olympic experiences, I should have known that this would happen. My legs are dead. And I'm blaming the walking.

It's crazy how a little bit of extra walking can add up and start taking it's toll on your legs. Here is a run down of my day:

Get up, WALK to the dining hall - 5 minutes
WALK back to the residences - 5 minutes
WALK to the buses - 5 minutes
WALK to the dining centre for lunch - 3 minutes
WALK back to the residences - 5 minutes
WALK to the Internet zone - 1 minute
WALK to the dining hall for a pre-second training coffee - 5 minutes
WALK to the bus - 3 minutes
WALK to the dining hall - 3 minutes
WALK back to the residences - 5 minutes
WALK to the Internet - 1 minute
Fight off sleep for as long as possible and then crash.

So, by my calculations, that is more than 30 minutes of walking a day that I am not used to. I usually take the elevator down to my car, drive to the University and walk 30 seconds into the gym. Can you say spoiled brat?!

I feel like such a pussy complaining about the walking, but it happens to me every time I am at a Games. My legs start to feel the effects of the extra steps and it takes a little while to adapt.

I think another reason why my legs are killing me is because of all of the hard landings that I have been doing in the gym. At big competitions like this, the new equipment is hard and the landings are harder. You don't get an 8 inch squishy mat to cushion your landing. They have some extra mats laying around, but they don't compare to the soft ones we have at home. My legs haven't had the pounding that they are taking here in a while...and last time they did they weren't metallic! I do have a little fear each time I land because I don't want to take anything for granted, but each time I land successfully then I get more confident and trusting.

Yesterday we trained in the competition warm up hall and it was a little bit of a gong show. I attribute it to being jet lagged, wanting to feel great, but not being fully adjusted to the equipment and environment. I was a little disappointed in myself that I wasn't able to be more 'on', but I also gave myself some slack because it was only our second day here.

Today was better. I still don't feel like my brain and body are quite aligned with Beijing, but I was able to get through pretty much everything unscathed...except for floor. Floor today was a hideous splat fest. Awesome! I kind of expected it when my legs were aching and burning this afternoon so I can't say I am too disappointed with the outcome. I know that it will only get better and I also know that doing a whip, 2.5 and punching into a barely rotated forward roll is a sure sign that I need a little bit of leg recovery. The floor here is very soft and if you don't have a little extra oomph in your take off then it's game over.

Tomorrow we have a half day and I am excited. We have already done 3 days of 2 trainings and I think that an afternoon off will put everyone into the perfect position to nail our 1 routine that we have to show on Friday.

From this point on, I am going to be very protective of my legs. I will demand piggy backs whenever possible and walk slowly and effortlessly when rides are not available.


Just a couple of fun tidbits:

- the entire Canadian team gets an awesome Samsung phone/blackberry that we get to keep after the Games. Bell is the wonderful supplier of course and I can tell you that everyone is loving texting and calling back home. Bell rules!

- I got my pants back...bad news. They are flood length. Apparantly I should have worn my shoes when I got them hemmed...I am working on a solution. Anyone know how to add 2 inches?? (get your mind outta the gutter!)

- AC is finally fixed. I think a more comfortable sleep is on it's way

- I took a sleeping pill last night to help combat the jet lag (WADA approved of course). It was supposed to be good for 6 hours, but imagine my surprise when I woke up at 2am. I thought that I was having a sleeping pill trip, but I guess my subconscious is just much stronger than any sedative.


Heather said...

Re: pants- I would get them cropped even more and go for the capri-length style. Either that, or check out the hem and see if they cut the fabric or just sewed it up; sometimes there's enough length to let them down again. But you have sweet calves, I'd go for the cropped look.
Re: walking- dude, I totally hear you. Walking is for suckers. I'm going to pay a man to carry me around.
Re: jet lag- I slept for an entire day plus 13 hours when I was back from Thailand, and when I went there in the first place. No joke. Lost an entire day on either end. Right about now you're probably thinking "And now she'll offer some interesting advice", but no, I'm just sharing my personal experience, because I like to talk about myself.
Good luck!!

Dana said...

Hey Kyle
I think you should hire a sherpa for the walking! Or get one of those kick scooters!
Have fun, get some sleep!

Anonymous said...

umm...hello you're a gymnast. Walk on your hands ;)

GymCon said...

Casey Sandy should be in Beijing with the team....he was screwed out of his spot after he almost single-handedly got the team qualified. How ungrateful!!..I cannot in good conscience cheer for Team Canada now

Anonymous said...

I've just discoverd your blog. I like it a lot ! Hopefully you will keep updating us how everything in Beijing will go. Good luck in the competition! A new fan from Belgium.

Anonymous said...

what as team canada got to do with what happened to casey sandy , and no one person give them there trip to beijing it was a team, and casey knows why he didnt go,. so you cant blame the guys and we will support them without your help good luck kyle i think your great, and i think grants golding great to, and all the guys we are rooting for you all.

tumblingdaddy said...

Good luck guys!!! All of us are behind you. Positive energy, positive team support, positive focus and positive confidence is half the battle. We believe in all of you.

Anonymous said... are a great role model and will make Canada proud!

Michale Shewfelt said...

Kyle you are helarious!!! I miss you tons and can't wait to watch you on TV!!!!! Friday night/saturday morning. Caleb sees you in the news papers Scott brings home and is like..." HEY, there is Uncle Kyle!!!" He loves ya too.

I don't know if we will be able to keep him awake until 2am but we'll Mason, he should be up for his feeding! LOL

Love ya bunches!

Tiffany said...

If you can, can you take pictures of the village & post them here? :O I would love to see..