Thursday, January 17, 2008

Awesome Day!

Today Rocked! I was superman. I felt the best I have felt during this entire recovery process. I was willing to push myself further than I have in a long time. I felt like today was the day I have been waiting for.

On floor I did a backspring series. I started with 1, then I did 2 and then I got the guts up to push for 4 (as shown in the vid below). I have been doing backspring series since I was 7. I have always done tons of them and they have always been the one thing that gets me into great tumbling shape. Sometimes I do 10 series, all ending with a different big skill at the end (full-in, double double, double layout...not quite there yet tough). I believe backspring series are essential to becoming a good tumbler. They help you get a feeling for your body and for varying your speed. In gymnastics, you have to know how to speed up and slow down, you have to know how to make skills longer or shorter and you have to know how to deal with all of those little black dots that appear when you go too fast! (I definitely had those!)

After my super progress on floor, I went to highbar. I swung around and kind of felt like I knew what was going on. I guess a little bit each day really does lead to something...crazy how that works! After swinging for a while, I got really bored of plain swing half turns and such (or I got really gutsy...) and I decided that I was going to do a dismount. That's right, A DISMOUNT! My heart was pumping, my palms were sweaty, I needed Tony to stand in with a mat, but I got up on the bar, swung a couple of fast giants and busted out a double layout with a full twist (should have gotten that one on time). I had a big mat in on top of the resi-pit, but I landed it. My skinny little legs were able to absorb a landing! Hell yeah! I was so friggin' pumped that I couldn't stop smiling. Not only had I pushed myself way further than I had intended to on the day, but I had actually done something that was pretty close to high level gymnastics.

Who's on the comeback trail?

That would be me.

Today was one of those days when I felt like it was all going to work out. I could picture myself getting all of my skills and routines back in no time. I was basically pain free (except of course for that damn burning in the back of my left hamstring, but I am coming to terms with the fact that that might be there forever!). I can't even begin to explain how awesome it felt to be able to actually do some of the things that I would normally be able to do, before the accident. It felt like a huge victory, a giant leap forward and an instant flood of confidence.

I want to continue to have days like this.



track_star said...

Congrats Kyle. Keep it up! We look forward to seeing more videos of the progress!

Amanda said...

definitely love the shot of mattson at the end :D