Thursday, January 24, 2008

I LOVE Thursdays!

Thursdays have consistently been my best day for the past few weeks.

(Here is that dismount I promised...filmed on Thursday)

Below are a couple more video's of me doing my Def on highbar (a release move which is a back flip off of the bar with a one and a half twist...and I am supposed to catch the bar at the end) on THURSDAY as well.

(Also, Please disregard my teammate Nathan's singing commentary...although it is pretty funny!).

The first vid was actually the first Def that I have done since my injury. It felt so weird! I was nervous and ended up about 10 feet from the bar! Safety first. I remembered how to do the skill immediately after this first one, but it takes some time to build up the trust in myself and my release time in order to come closer to the bar. I think release moves, particularly this skill, are a great way to measure progress in getting back into shape and into full-on gymnastics mode. Eventually I will be catching this skill more than I miss it, but for now I need to just be consistent and bring it in a little closer everyday. From past experience, it takes me a month or 2 to get it back so that it feels natural and I am not scared of smashing my teeth out on the bar! Honestly, I think of that sometimes. But when the big competitions come; I always trust that I will put the bar right into my hands.

Next time you see a gymnastics competition on TV, remember that every guy who does a release move on high bar started out doing it 10 feet away!

Hopefully this coming week includes 2 Thursdays!


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shagun said...

my friend just sent me this link and the videos are HILARIOUS,i just had to comment, even though its like 7 months ago.

ahaha, it kept me laughing for 15mins!!