Friday, January 18, 2008

Do I Suffer From Body Bipolarism?

Awesome day on Thursday, craptastic day Friday.

I couldn't even do one back handspring.

Maybe I did too much the day before?

This puts me in an awkward position. Do I hold off a bit and have steady progress each day or do I take a huge gain one day and suffer the next?

I literally could not do anything today. I was one sore gymnast! It didn't feel like muscle pain though. I can work through fact, I kind of like it when my muscles hurt because I know that I earned that pain! No, today was more like my body was telling me that maybe I am not quite ready to be doing dismounts and landing them on my feet!

Do they have a medication for this...I can just hear the ad:

"Do you suffer from joint, tendon and bone pain? Did you feel fantastic yesterday, but like crap today? When you walked down the stairs this morning did you feel like your body was going to explode? This up and down cycle of physical pain has now been diagnosed as body bipolarism. Lucky for you, the FDA has approved a new "supplement" called idontwanttofeellikeshitanymoreicillin that can help. Call 1-888-555-OUCH for your free trial sample today!"

Might be a hard sell, but I'm sure there would be a few takers...

On a more serious note, I can't explain the frustration. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. It's like that game, 'Red light, Green light', you play when you're a kid. Doesn't the universe know that I am not being greedy. I am just asking for a little momentum.

I think the worst part about having one great day and then one awful day is the guilt I feel. I should be able to do at least what I did the day before. Why didn't I push myself? Why did I succumb to the negativity? Could I have done something to make it less painful? Was I overreacting?

I am correcting this problem right now...

On Sunday I am going to reach the same heights that I achieved on Thursday and then I am going to surpass those on Monday.

I am going to smile and be positive.

Breathe in and out. Relax...and keep it simple stupid! (I should really be a Yogi or something!)


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Anonymous said...

Kyle, we the name of the supplement! As far as body bipolarism, we've found with our athletes that it's kind of like riding a hamster wheel: you run like mad trying to stay on the top of the wheel, but sometimes, despite how hard you run, you still end up at the bottom. One of our gymnasts, Brooke, NEVER injured, goes to college, and on her first tumbling line, first routine of her first meet, does her ACL. To her credit, and yours, you've both kept the faith, struggled through the therapy and the pain, and she is now, as you will be in a short time, better than before, because she is mentally tougher, and really appreciates those "superman" days, while being better able to understand and deal with the "terrible" days that have to come too.
DOn't give up the faith... you are a real inspiration to many, us included, and this is just another compelling chapter in your life, and could end up being one of the greatest pieces of your legacy!

Keep the faith, brother!

Dave Adlard