Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For you, Mom!

I was the keynote speaker today at the National Sport School Closing Ceremony (essentially Grad, but Closing Ceremonies is a way better way to describe it!) and it was an awesome time.

I spoke about "Change" and how it keeps us moving forward, growing and learning. I asked the question: Is today the end or is it a new beginning. I reiterated the importance of positivity and how attitude and perspective are a choice. Based on the feedback I got, I think it went really well.

I love speaking. I still get the butterflies before I go on and it gives me that buzz that you so rarely get in life! I am definitely defining myself as a speaker more and more which is awesome because I enjoy it so much.

On another note, I never actually had a graduation of my own. My high school career was quite the roller coaster ride of random courses here and there over 8 years that finally wound up in me graduating from the National Sport School in 2004. 4 years late. But I was busy doing some other stuff on the side like, oh, living my dream!

Anyway, I got to wear the grad gown today and I made sure to snap a shot...right at the beginning of my talk which I think everyone enjoyed. I HAD to do it!

This one's especially for you, Mom!

After my talk was done I got a special surprise from the NSS. They called me up and let me walk the stage! It was pretty awesome.

Thanks to principle Cam Hodgson, all of the faculty and staff and the Graduates of NSS 2010 for such a fantastic day.


ps- When I went out to my car, Impark ticketed me $95 for being 10 minutes over time. What the hell? The parking ticket dude was probably just waiting for me to be a minute over. Lame! Sorry folks, I'm not paying that one. It can go to the collection agency. I had too awesome of a day for it to be ruined by something stupid like that!

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Anonymous said...

Kyle, you may not know this but I see you everyday. There is a huge picture of you with your gold medal just to my left and it inspires me everyday. I am sorry, that I did not get to know you like the other students; I would have loved to be your school mom.
Your words yesterday were very meaningful to all of us, thank you. I now see change in my life when I retire next year.
Eva Fell
Administrative Secretary
National Sport School