Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Photo Shoot!

I'm doing a new photo shoot tomorrow at the Altadore Gymnastics Club with my good friend and amazing photographer, Phil Crozier. Check out his site!

It's going to be edgy, sexy, sophisticated, stylish and creative. We're hoping to take some shots that aren't your average "athlete" shots and push some limits.

I am ready to move into the next phase of my career and I believe it's important to have some new photos that are going to reflect this new maturity and confidence that I'm gaining.

I am more than just an athlete. In fact, I wouldn't even list "athlete" in the top 5 things that I 'am' now. I remember hearing Mark Tewksbury speak at a Post Olympic conference and he mentioned something similar and I thought it was so weird. But now I am starting to understand...

This is a big step for me. It has taken me a long time to decide that I want to push forward. And in order to do so, I need to start making moves in that direction. I need to start being who I want to become. I have so many plans and so many fun things in the works. I am ready to move to another level. It is definitely time!

Stay tuned for some awesome shots that come from the shoot. I am super excited to see what we can create!

Thanks again to Altadore Gymnastics and Phil for their generosity and partnership in this project.

Strike a pose,


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