Monday, July 19, 2010

Do these make you have to pee?

When I would get drug tested I would sometimes have the "observer" turn on the faucets so I could feel the urge. It's never easy to whiz when someone is staring at your junk...

Reno update: Faucets are in and plumbing is hooked up. Project
reno is nearly complete!

Oh, and I forgot to post these pics of the tile last week when it came on Thursday.

Can you say SPA?

The list of 'things to do' is slowly dwindling down. I love crossing things off...especially in sharpie!

This is the time in a renovation where it's very important to stay focused and pay attention to the small details. It's very easy to do jobs half assed because everything is now almost livable, but in order to have an AMAZING finished product, I need to continue keeping the standard high.

But, I must admit, I am SO looking forward to the day (soon) when I can just sit back, relax and enjoy my new home without looking around and seeing paint cans, drop cloths, drills, boxes, wrenches and random screws laying around everywhere. And this will be the time when I'm really going to focus in on my professional career and organize/complete all of the awesome projects that are on the verge of becoming real.

Off to wash my hands (I've done it 20 times today, just because I can!),


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