Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Presenting Barrett Manjak!

Check out this amazing video of my nephew, Barrett Manjak! He is my former coach Kelly Manjak's son and he LOVES gymnastics!

I wonder where he learned those corner parts??? I think Uncle Kyle played a little role in those:) Apparently Barrett watches old videos of me all the time and tries to reenact my moves and corner parts! I love it!

I also know another little terd who used to be obsessed with gymnastics and would try to copy the people who he saw on tv...yup, that would be me!

Awesome work Barrett! Keep pointing those toes and paying attention to your fingers! Those small things will make a huge difference one day.

I'm a very proud Uncle right now,



St├ęphanie Fortier said...
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St├ęphanie Fortier said...

Wow!!! He's so good at this... and he's only 5 years old...

You should be proud to be his uncle!!!