Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Garden is Growing!!

I went to water the good ol' garden today and to pick some delicious lettuce for dinner. Much to my surprise, it's really starting to sprout! It rained here and made everything super lush. I love nature.

The cutest thing was definitely the weencie green pepper. Mmmmmm. It's gonna be gooooood! Am I a weirdo for getting so excited over a baby green pepper? Meh, life is only as exciting as you decide it's gonna be!


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Anonymous said...

oh nice garden. I started one this year and am surprised at how excited I get when things start happening.

On the weekend I was weeding when I moved the jumbo bean plants to one side and discovered the green beans had arrived....

I squealed like an 8 year old girl, "oh we have beans!!!!" I've been eating them since.