Sunday, August 28, 2011

10K - 45:30

Yesterday was the informal 10K and I ran it in 45:30. I celebrated with Eggs Benedict.

Last year, my quickest 10K time was just over 43:00. Even though I didn't go faster than that this time around, I am still really pleased with my time. I've been training a completely different system and my focus hasn't been on speed, it's been on endurance. 

Next Saturday is an 18K run, my furthest yet! I am already nervous about the way my feet will be feeling at the end. I've started calling them "cement feet" because they literally feel like they've become one with the pavement. 

What I loved most about running the 10K yesterday was that it wasn't daunting at all. 10K? Easy! Last year though, 10K was my max and I couldn't even imagine going beyond that.

It's amazing what becomes available to you when you push past a limit. All of a sudden a whole new realm of possibility opens up in your mind. It's fun to proceed through life and to look back and know that you've advanced or made progress since then. Even though I didn't destroy my 10K time from last year, I still feel like I've accomplished something. Knowing that my mind has changed and my level of tolerance has grown makes me feel really proud. My approach and my limits are stretching and I get glimpses of that every single time I run.

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