Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My job as coach

My one and only rule = Realness. 
This is a BS free zone.

As a coach, I care about your agenda. I help you get through the clutter and discover what’s best for you. I can help you improve your focus, productivity, time-management , organization, relationship and health.

Do you want to make a bigger impact in this life? What will your legacy be?

As a coach, it’s my job to listen and to be curious. It’s important for me to hold your agenda so that you can get to the next level.

My job as coach is to help you discover who you want to become, what your values are and what is standing in your way from getting the life you want. I'm over excuses.

My job as coach is to help you get unstuck from a place of stagnation to a place of new perspective – a place where new and exciting possibilities are available.

My job as coach is to help you be open to the options without letting the little voice inside your head (also known as your saboteur) tell you that you aren’t good enough, you can do it later, you don’t have enough money, you’ll do it when you have more free time etc, etc, etc, etc…

My job as coach is to help you design, create and actively engage in living your best life. The person who you want to become is accessible to you today. 

Life can be as BIG as you make it.

My job as coach is NOT to inspire you to live a more fulfilling life. The motivation must come from you.

My job as coach is NOT to fix you. I don’t think you’re busted! My coach training gave me an amazing set of tools so I can put you in a position where you can create the life you want. And if you don’t have a clue about what that life looks like, that’s OK too. We can work together to help you uncover something about yourself that you have never recognized or acknowledged before.

My job as coach is NOT to make you take action – it’s up to you. I can, however, help you find that momentum and purpose you seek. It lies within you.

My job as coach is to celebrate your victories and to feel your defeats. Life is an experience and I believe we should experience every part of it.

My job as coach is to help you be in touch with what’s happening in your human experience and to appreciate it.

My job as coach is to champion you to hold yourself accountable to greatness.  All I want for you is for you to reach your potential.

My job as coach is to make you wildly uncomfortable.

My job as a coach is to help you push through the obstacles and to stop settling for something less than what you are capable of.

Life should not be a constant string of incompletes.

My job as coach is to be your sounding board. Want some suggestions? I’m your man!

My job as coach is to hold you accountable. Things get done when we have accountability.

I am here. Be in touch. Let’s do this! 

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Jaime said...

I love this! I think I would substitute "coach" and put in "mother of a teenager" & post it on my fridge. :)