Monday, August 22, 2011

Informal 10km race in Calgary - Edworthy Park - Saturday August 27th at 9am

In preparation for our Half Marathon, my running buddies and I want to have a race!

All are welcome;)

Join us for a FREE INFORMAL 10KM race on Saturday August 27th.

Here's the details:

Start time: 

9:00am - sharp (or not so sharp since it's informal ;) ) Please arrive by 8:45am.


Edworthy Park - Meeting point at Memorial Drive and Shaganappi Trail parking lot.


We will run 5KM east and then turn around and run 5KM west. Someone or something will clearly mark where the start/finish and 5KM is.

What to bring: 

Yourself, your shoes, a homemade race bib including a random number and your Superhero name, a watch or timing device to time yourself, a post race snack, water or other beverages and of course, lots of high fives!

What we will NOT provide: 

Commemorative race T-shirt, snacks, free newspapers, medals, KM markers, insurance, medical staff, assumption of any liability whatsoever, volunteers, pancake breakfasts, formal timing or any of that other stuff you get at races that cost $50.

What we will provide: 

A start/finish marker and a 5KM turn around marker. (does anyone have 2 pylons? A case of beer would probably work too).


FREE - or a donation for the food bank!

Hoping to see you there! Please spread the word ;)


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