Sunday, August 28, 2011

The higher we aim, the more we learn

They say that the higher you aim, the further you fall. 

Perhaps that should be adjusted to say: The higher you aim, the more you learn.

Success isn't always defined by the external. In fact, personal excellence is ONLY felt from within. 

It's the internal victories that help us grow.

It's that peace of mind in knowing that you did everything you could to be at your absolute best. At this place, outcomes and external rewards are secondary. They are meaningful, but they don't hold nearly as great of meaning. Perhaps to others, but not to you.

One thing I've found time and time again is that the world wants us to seek external victories and rewards. It wants us to define success and excellence by the things we have. Medals, money, cars, positions, power, etc. These things don't matter. They can be taken away, lost, stolen or forgotten. 

Reaching OUR potential is the only reward that lasts forever. As many can attest; when you know you've reached it, you don't need validation. You just know. And that is enough. There is nothing higher than YOUR best.

The higher we aim, the more we learn.

So, how's the view looking from way up there? And what are you learning right now? 

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