Saturday, September 15, 2007


Susan set up a meeting with the renowned Dr.Aung one week after my surgery. I saw him on September 15th. Dr.Aung is an acupuncturist and a traditional Chinese medical practitioner and teacher. He is known as one of the best. Check out his website (

I found that he is very gentle and has this soothing calmness about him.

Our session was quick, but useful. He examined me and then did a bunch of different acupuncture points. He stuck 5 pins in each ear (you can see them covered in tape if you look really closely in the picture above) and then he did a couple of different points in my arms, hands and face.

He also told me that I have earth hands and that my soul is kind and gentle. Good to know!

My biggest concern going into the session was my tongue. In Chinese medicine, they say that the biggest resource is the tongue. Mine had turned white and was cracked down the middle. Everything I ate tasted like pepper! Dr.Aung said that the general anesthetic tends to have this affect and there was also a lot of acid in my stomach that was basically burning it's way up.

The day after our session, my tongue symptoms really improved...but man, did my ears kill!

Thanks again to Dr.Aung for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with me. I really appreciate it!