Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mayors Breakfast Honouring Sport in Calgary

I wanted to send a quick thank you to the Calgary Sport Council for hosting a wonderful breakfast this morning. I sat with Cardel Homes who, by the way, won the Business and Sport Excellence Award. Congratulations!

Cassie Campbell spoke eloquently about her experiences in Hockey and about the importance of sport in the community. She also spoke about how sport creates role models and give kids passion and purpose. I thought that she did an amazing job.

This breakfast is always fun for the athletes because you get to catch up with old teammates and friends. It's also great because they pair a high-performance athlete with a grassroots athlete...something I would have loved to experience when I was growing up.

It's also great because it brings some political personalities into the sport environment. I don't know what it is, but being in a room with so many accomplished and aspiring athletes creates a huge amount of energy and excitement. I hope that all of the corporate and political guests could feel this electricity and will continue to support amateur sport in Calgary and beyond.

One suggestion for next year though; please have the breakfast start later than 7am...I finally had a good sleep (did I mention with only one brace!) and that 5:30 wake up came fast!


This photo is of my teammate, Nathan Gafuik, and I at the breakfast.

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Dan said...

although i have no idea who is who in sports world, but it is really amazing that you can see things so positively when such thing happen. breaking knees can be desparating to ethletic personal. no matter who you are, you have done a great job and really wish you good luck for the game coming up!