Saturday, July 05, 2008

Competing Tonight

I probably shouldn't be writing this right now as the past has dictated that at this point, only an hour and a bit before warm up, I should be getting a little stressed. I should start feeling the adreneline pumpin' through my veins and the slight panic attacks that occur when something doesn't go exactly according to my pre-competition plan. I should be doing a mental check of my list of things to remember like snacks, singlet, shorts and red socks. I should be remembering my key words and visualizing myself nailing perfect routines. I should be getting myself into the zone and starting to feel the emergence of the fighter inside of me...

I have good news to report...everything that I should be doing, I have already done.

I am ready.

Let me seize the moment and show how far I have come. Today is a day where I have a chance to add some more confidence to my Olympic preparation. I want to attack when it's time and be calm and cool when I am paitently waiting to explode.

On that note, It's 1:50pm and my plan says it's time for me to go and brush my teeth!

Wish me luck,



anna said...

GO KYLE!!!!!!!!!!

Dez said...

You Said it something so simple that we tend to over look a simple toothbrush. and nite. we can take great strides in life in doing such things. and recognizing them.

So How did Saturday Go?

Anonymous said...

GOOOOOOD LUCK Kyle! Hope it went well today! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle. Thrilled to know you've made the team and will be going to Beijing. You've worked very hard and prepared yourself well which is all that anyone can ask. We know you will make all of us cheering you on (and all of Canada for that matter) proud with your effort. See you in Beijing!
Louisa & Jeff