Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Trials Videos

Below are some video's of my routines from trials. I missed taping my ring routine because I was so zoned that I forgot to pull out my camera, but that's alright. My rings aren't anything special so you aren't missing much!

This is my vault. I felt fast and smooth and just need to stick my landing.

This is my highbar routine. Clean and simple for the team. Notice the perfect form on my Def release move...this leads me to believe that I am getting into great shape! That is a very difficult skill to keep perfect form on and the only way you really can is when you believe that you will catch the bar before you even let go. It's called trust and I'm starting to trust myself a lot more!

This is my floor routine. Still not perfect, but I have come so far and I am choosing to focus on that!
My goal for the upcoming week is to eliminate most of the mats and to change my 4th line to something a little more complex. I was whipping into this skill so that I could build up some strength and endurance, but now it's time to remove the whip and add an extra twist. Hopefully it' not a problem. Basically, I just need to do more routines so that I can have some energy for the last couple of lines. I only did a full twist in my 5th line here, but I cleanly bailed out of a double. It is bloody hard to be tight and quick after 4 lines!

Remember, back in January, when I was excited to do a simple roundoff back handspring on squishy mats?! I sure do. My progress over the past month has been phenomenal and I am looking forward to improving even more over the next 30 days!

I hope that you enjoyed watching. If you want to see me compete LIVE and in person, come by Calgary Gymnastics Centre (at Canada Olympic Park) on July 22nd at 5:45pm. Mark your calendar! I want everyone I know in Calgary to be there and I want my team to have the opportunity to show our friends, family and fans how awesome we are!!




Conan Lefevre said...

l'll be there with my family on the 22nd. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kyle, congratulations!!!!
You look like you are in great shape. Knew you could and would be on the team!!
Best of luck there!

Sony Keys Gawley said...

You sound more confident in this post thant the last few months. It's really nice to see.

I would like to see your entire floor routine for Bejing. Are you going to post it or is it top secret?