Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to Beijing

I just wanted to take a quick moment to let everyone know that I have arrived in Beijing safe and sound. The flight went well (although I didn't get an upgrade even with everyone sending the upgrade vibes!). I slept for a good 5 hours and it was much needed as I have had a lot on my mind lately. I did a lot of writing, prioritizing and reminding myself that I am a good person with many reasons to smile.

I have to admit that I was a wreck on the drive to the airport. My mom and dad picked me up and I instantly broke down for the entire ride. I looked like I was a stoner because my eyes were so red! I just needed to let it out. I needed to cry, vent and just release all of the emotion. Not only was I upset about the whole love situation, but the day you leave for the Olympics is very emotional. It's scary, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. You have worked so hard and this is the day that you leave to embark on your journey. You have no idea what the outcome will be. You could come home to hundreds of people at the airport or you could come home and have no greeting crew. Your dreams could come true or they could be shattered. When you get on the plane then there is no turning back.

When we arrived in Beijing it was like an instant flood of all things Olympic. I don't know how many of you have seen the movie Cool Runnings- it's my favourite.There is a part when one of the characters, Sanka, says, "I feel very Olympic today". I can totally relate! Today, I felt very Olympic.

The people of China have been the most gracious hosts. There is a large entourage waiting at your every turn to make sure you are ok and your needs are met. They are awesome volunteers. You can tell that the people of Beijing are extremely proud to be hosting this games and they want the world to be impressed. Well Beijing, I am impressed. My experience thus far has been incredible.

So tonight I have one mission. Fight off this jet lag until 10:30pm. I don't want to wake up at 3am and have time to be lonely and think. I figure that if I can keep my eyes open until 10:30 then the comfort of bed will surround me and I will drift away into the perfect sleep. Let's hope so at least.

We train tomorrow morning at 9am, but it's just going to be a light session. I am really looking forward to walking into the gym and embracing the possibilities. Remember a while back, November I believe, when I said that I wanted to walk into the gym at the Olympics and feel like I owned it? Well, tomorrow is my chance to make that statement come true. I feel like I have full control of my attitude and I am going to approach tomorrow with optimism and excitement.

I am now officiially at the Olympic Games, my mind is clear and it's my chance to shine.



Scott & Michale Shewfelt said...

We are glad to see that you made it safe and sound. Sorry to hear about no upgrade! Our entourage will be waiting to meet you no matter and all. We love you more than life it self.

Heidi said...

James and I were so excited when Colin informed us that you were going to the games! Hopefully the good old USA will show you competing - for some reason they favor their team...:-) We'll be cheering loud and proud all the way from Dallas, Texas - Canadians all over are cheering for you and the Canadian TEAM!

Anna said...

"I feel very Olympic today." That's the best line (and movie) ever! Everything has come together thus far. Keep trusting the process and believe that it's all unfolding as it should. Own it.


Dez said...

I Just Want You to remember every detail. You are good at it. and most of all HAVE FUN. enjoy everyone moment of it. every bliss and every joy. stay at your Best.

See you on the TV.