Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm going to London with CTV!

I can remember being 10 years old in the summer of 1992 and watching my friend Jennifer Wood compete in the Barcelona Olympic Games. My memory vividly recalls me being glued to the TV screen watching in awe and imagining what that experience would have been like. I lived every moment of those Games vicariously through CTV's coverage with Larissa Lowing and Suneel Joshi being the commentary team. 

I can also remember the thought crossing my mind, "I would love to commentate at the Olympics one day"…

Well folks, I have some very exciting news!

Drum roll please…

I am officially going to be a part of CTV's Broadcast team for the London 2012 Olympic Games!!! I am so excited!

It's my hope that I can bring the stories to life and make viewers feel like they are right there in the gym. I want to educate Canadians on the sport of gymnastics and highlight all of the incredible athletes. I want to help viewers get a true sense of the pressure, the joy and the excitement of competition - all from the comfort of their local bars and living rooms. I want to help all of the young gymnasts in our country fall desperately in love with the Olympic Games. I want them to be obsessed with gymnastics and to know all of their favourite gymnasts names. Most importantly, I want them to lay in their beds at night after watching the coverage and dream of what it might be like to be an Olympian!

I will specifically be covering the Men's Artistic, Women's Artistic and Trampoline competitions. I will also be playing a role in the Opening Ceremonies coverage and of course, I will be blogging, tweeting and facebooking through out the Games for CTVOlympics.ca

I am totally psyched to be a part of the CTV Olympics Team! This is definitely a dream come true!



Lana B said...

Kyle, I CAN TELL you're excited! This is great. You'll do a fantastic job and add so much enthusiasm and sincerity to what you are doing.


Derek J MacDonald said...

I am excited to watch the Olympics even more now!