Sunday, July 03, 2011


Kristin and I took a road trip to Kelowna for the Canada Day long weekend and to celebrate the marriage of our friends Geoff and Robyn.

Enjoy these photos from our weekend!

Of course we stopped at a few vineyards ;)

Kristin and I with our good friend (and roomie for the weekend) Jules!

Kristin and I at the wedding on Saturday night. I was also the emcee!

Busting mad moves

Front layouts into the freezing lake!


Paradise - My friend Robyn's parents place. The wedding was on the dock and this photo was taken at the beach party on Sunday

Lazy days rock

With Lola the pooch

Jules, Robyn, Geoff, Kristin and I hanging on the dock

Us being awesome - and Oliver the dog wanting to join in

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