Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Womentum Super Hero Summit

A crop of new Super Heroes emerged yesterday at the Womentum Super Hero Summit!

Some of the missions that emerged were:

Om with the flow
Choose to inspire
Hostess for your mostness
Leave it out there

During the day, participants worked on discovering their super powers and how to use them. They also established their super chargers and identified the times when they needed to plug in. The question: "What's possible?" was bouncing around the room. By the end of the day, Super heroes were being named and some of their physical characteristics were coming to the surface. It was a rock star party hosted on cloud 9!

Jayson and I had an awesome time with the group from Womentum. It was so cool as a facilitator to see the mind light bulbs turning on during the day. It was an energizing and brain scrambling experience that left everyone feeling closer connected to their Super Hero self.

I'm really looking forward to gaining some momentum with the Super Hero Strategy. It's an engaging and playful workshop that creates awareness of potential. My Super Hero is the 'High Fiver' and during the workshop, I felt my powers of communication, engagement and energy coming alive!

A special thanks to Lana Wright, creator of Womentum, for her support. She brought tons of Evolation to the day ;)

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Lana B said...

Kyle, thank you so much for your contagious enthusiasm yesterday. Our participants LOVED the day. I, too, got so much out of it!

You are one of my superheroes!