Saturday, July 09, 2011

What do you need to do to be GREAT?!

I had a meeting today with my coach, Pat Lipovsky, and we had an excellent discussion about potential. One question he posed was: What do you need to do to be greater?

This is an open ended question that really makes you think about where you are and where you can get to. I come from the way of thinking that you can always make a bigger impact. In fact, this belief drives me to the verge of insanity on some occasions because I am often left feeling dissatisfied. Want to know a little secret? When I was standing on the podium in Athens I was extremely joyful, but I was also thinking, "What comes next"? This sense of 'always wanting more' is something that I will have to forever keep in check. I've found it's important to find a balance between celebrating the little victories and relentlessly pushing your limits. I've also found that my life doesn't feel complete when I'm not asking for more of myself - hence, insanity makes me feel sane. 

When I take a look at all of my current projects, I always ask myself: what I can do more of? How can I be greater? On a scale of 1-10, where am I? What does a 10 look like and how do I get there? I am constantly trying to improve - to create new systems and new rituals that will help me get one step closer to my potential. That's all I'm seeking in this life. It's about creating measurables and setting goals so that I can track my progress. I enjoy celebrating the milestones along the way, but I am also driven by setting new limits. If I can accomplish goal X, then I now have a new potential available to me beyond that - On to goal Y!
If I can accomplish goal X, then I now have a new potential available to me beyond that - On to goal Y!

I think it is important to ask yourself the question: What do I need to do to be greater? This keeps you looking forward and not settling for mediocrity. This keeps you holding yourself accountable to excellence. This also gives you a starting off point to create a framework for getting there. 

So what do you need to do to be greater in your relationships, your health, your career or your life? What needs to happen for you to move from an 8 to a 10? Is there something that you can do TODAY to get started?

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