Monday, May 19, 2008

Double Flip

Whoo Hoo. I can finally do DOUBLE flips on the real floor again. Single flips are for losers!!! Just Kidding.

I finally decided that it was time to bust out 2 rotations. My confidence in my legs is growing fast. I feel strong and tight when I punch and the landing only has minimal pain. I think it's just the initial thud that is disheartening. The last time I heard a thud, my legs snapped. Thuds are not good.

Before I took my first turn of a full twisting double back I was super nervous. I didn't know if I would get lost in the air or what the impact on landing would feel like. My heart was pumping, I had that lump in my throat and I was trying to convince the courage to come out of my belly. I took some small, quick breaths and then went for it.

I was super cautious on the first one and so I landed and rolled back. Safety first. But this video below is of my third attempt and it looks pretty good. It was an exciting moment for me!

Now, for Olympics, I am going to have to add one more twist to this AND do it at the end of my routine. No problem. I just have to keep pushing myself and it will come. Not today, not tomorrow...probably not this month, but it will be there when I need it. I trust that.



Anonymous said...


But damn, I am so scare to watch your landing.

You are truely a breath of fresh air under the current coding system. I wish you do well in the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Go Kyle!

Dylan Glynn said...

do you know what the song in the background is called?