Saturday, May 10, 2008

Middle 3

This will be my second line. I have had to adjust and do the final element in a piked position because tucked just isn't working for me and the GIANT plate in my leg! I think piked looks much better though and it is something that will set me apart from the rest of my competitors. Being unique is good! It's just too bad that it isn't significantly rewarded anymore...

Below is my third line, but I am missing a twist in the third element. I am planning on doing a whip to 2.5 twist and punching into a 1.5 twist. Here, I am only doing a front half. This was a huge hurdle that I jumped over though. Being able to punch out of an element going forwards was a big fear of mine and I overcame it! I still don't feel 100% on this skill, but it gets smoother and more powerful every day.

Below is my fourth line. It is a front double twist, punch front layout and then a full twisting dive to prone. This is a signature skill for me and I have been using it in my routine since 2000 when I broke onto the scene! This line is pretty messy right now, but the fact that I can punch out of a double twist and then again out of a layout is a huge victory! I just have to keep doing more and it will get cleaner and cleaner!

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