Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Important "Things to Do"

Firstly, there is a new amateur sports TV Network in the works for Canada. How exciting! Please go to the CASN website and show your support!

This is something that I believe needs to become a reality. Athletes deserve to be recognized and the country deserves to be inspired!

Secondly, the CANFUND has an awesome fundraising campaign called "$8 for 08.08.08". The goal is to have 50,000 Canadians donate $8 to the Canadian Athletes Now Fund. Think about it, if 50,000 people donated only $8 that would be $400,000. WOW! Who can't afford 8 bucks? I just donated and I think you should too. Here's the link:

I have received the CANFUND numerous times and it is an amazing initiative that recognizes the importance of funding Canada's amateur athletes!

Now I want to know how many of you actually acted on this! Let me feel like I have some POWER!!! Soon, I will take over the world!!




Jeff said...

$8 donated.

Anonymous said...

Made a donation - will try to see if I can inspire some of the kids at my gym to come together for this! Sounds like a 'Fun' fundraiser!

thanks for posting the link

Anonymous said...

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track_star said...

donation completed. I think it is a great idea.

TCO said...

They probably wouldn't take my devalued, war-inflated US dollars.

Good luck to you, Kyle. You are an incredible athlete and very chipper.

Diana Moscu said...

Made a donation!

After watching my father and his gymnasts pay their way to World Cup events and to International meets I was more than happy to be able to spare someone else that expense, as best I could.

I posted the link on my own blog and forwarded it to everyone I could think of, by email. Because if you are going to do something, then do it!

Debbie said...


Best of luck Kyle. Keep on pushing - you'll make it! :)