Saturday, May 10, 2008

Transferring onto the "Real" Floor

During the past month I have been trying to really push myself to get things transferred from the tumbling strip onto the "real" floor. It has been a battle. My body has definitely been telling me that there is more impact on this floor, that's for sure! I have had some awesome shin splints and tight calf muscles. Actually, pretty much everything hurts...all the time!

Confidence has also been an issue (surprise surprise). I completely trust my legs on the softer tumbling strip, but I sometimes second guess their strength when I get onto the real floor. The more I do, the better it seems to get though.

As you will be able to see in the video's, I am taking many precautions to ensure that I am going to be safe and that I am not putting myself in a situation where I am just asking to get hurt. I am using lots of mats and making sure that I'm warm and ready to go before I take a turn.

Focus is essential. I need to approach every turn with maximum focus and presence. This takes a lot of energy, but I need to make sure that every time I do something I am doing it with good intention. I don't have time to make mistakes. I don't have time to have something go wrong. I need to use my time very wisely!

Above, I am doing a 1.5 to front full to piked front (which is a timer for my 1 3/4 roll out. It took me a while to get the rhythm back and to trust my knees when I take off out of a twist into another twisting element. I was really freaked out that my knee was going to pop out if I landed a little crooked. It almost feels normal now! Phew!

In this video I am doing a whip into a 2.5 twist. The part that hurt the most on this element was the forward landing when I had a lot of momentum. The mat definitely helped to soften the impact. No matter how much it hurt though, I just kept on doing it. It got better every day and soon I started to feel like I would be able to punch out of the two and a half...

In this video I am doing a front handspring to double twist. Again, the mat is my best friend!


OK, so I am not enjoying writing this post at all...I have to admit that I have been very slow at getting these videos up. It is weird for me to write these posts because I feel like I am making up for lost time and playing a huge game of catch up. What I'm gonna do is just post all of my videos and start fresh from there.

Sounds good?

Enjoy the progress!


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