Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vault is coming along too!

Holy, Video Madness!

Check out this vault. Not the best landing, but the speed and power are almost back to where they were pre-injury. I still feel like I am getting caught up a bit during the last couple of steps when my legs are going fast, but this feeling diminishes more and more each week.


track_star said...

You have come so far Kyle and you are still going. It is great to see the videos! Thanks for keeping everyone that follows along updated!

klp said...

A happy birthday to you to Kyle! I hope you had the awesome night out you were after.

The best thing about all your videos and your blog is, when you hit a down day, where you're wondering why on earth you're even bothering to try, and how on earth you could ever be inspired to attempt such a frustrating task of comeback, is that you can go back and re-read your old entries.
Sometimes the answers you need, you already know - you just need reminding of them. There is so much passion and confidence and improvement here...never lose sight of how far you have come. That in itself is a dream of Olympic proportion.

Dylan Glynn said...

awesome! so glad you posted all the videos!