Friday, June 24, 2011

Awesome Foundation

I am a trustee in a new Calgary Foundation called the Awesome Foundation. Here's how it works: We accept applications online until the 10th of each month. After all of the submissions are in, a group of 10 of us get together (well, a few more than 10 now as interest is growing!) and we each put $100 cash into a pot. We then determine our top 4 from all of that month's applications. The top 4 are invited to come and pitch their idea at the Awesome Pitch Night. At Pitch Night, they each have 90 seconds to convince us that their idea is awesome enough to be awarded the $1000 cash prize. After a Q & A and a short deliberation, we determine the winner. It's a grassroots movement to inject a little more awesome into our City and I am thrilled to be involved.


Last night was the 3rd Awesome Awards where the Calgary Circus Studio came away with the win! They are going to use the funds to aid them in the purchase of a new portable circus rig so they can share their awesomeness with as many Calgarians as possible.

I am so proud to be a part of this Foundation. I love playing a role in making great things happen. 

Check out the Awesome Foundation Calgary website for more info on applying and to learn more about us!

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