Monday, June 27, 2011

Olympic Heights School - Congratulations on Raising $1134.65 for Right To Play!

This morning I did a last minute school visit at Olympic Heights School in Calgary. I was filling in for my buddy, Marathon Man Martin Parnell, who had to be away. My role was to speak to the students about my experience with Right To Play and, most importantly, to congratulate them on raising $1134.65 for the organization!

I love going to schools because it always reminds me of what is possible. Imagine if every child in a school felt empowered enough to raise even $1 for an organization. And what if that child was able to inspire 10 more people around them to raise $1? All of a sudden, a school with 300 children has raised $3000! Holy smokes!

Today when I spoke to the students, I tried to articulate the message that winning gold medals and accomplishing our dreams is amazing and very worthwhile, but the only way to achieve a lasting sense of purpose, joy and happiness is to do good things for other people. Right To Play's motto is "Look After Yourself, Look After One Another". Both are important, but looking after "one another" is the only way to guarantee that positivity will grow exponentially…just like a fundraising campaign ;)

Congratulations to everyone at Olympic Heights on your amazing contribution! Let me know when your next fundraiser is - I'll definitely donate and help promote your efforts!


Students from Olympic Heights School Copyright Jen Schoenberger

A couple of students helped present the cheque for $1134.65 Copyright Jen Schoenberger


Martin Parnell said...

Hi Kyle,

That is so cool. Many thanks for helping out. I'm enjoying running in Southern England along the beach. Have a great summer.


Kyle Shewfelt said...

Awesome to hear, Martin. Enjoy your trip and I hope to see you soon;)


Anonymous said...

I am a student at Olympic Heights school, thanks for giving such an inspiring speech. I have a blog too and I recently just posted about you visiting our school. You should check it out at!

mony osama said...

my last school :"( (mony)

mony osama said...
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