Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Switch it up!

Ever feel the need to make a change in your life? Monotony and old habits can keep us feeling stuck and stagnant. Change can present an injection of newness that makes us feel refreshed! As we grow and move forward in life, we often elevate ourselves to new levels where the 'old' no longer resonates. This is when change becomes essential. 

I, like many people, am very resistant to change. I love comfort and I love routine. Change makes me feel out of control and I hate that feeling of not knowing where to turn next. With that being said, I have always loved the growth that comes from making some changes. I like feeling like I'm moving forward and gaining momentum. I like feeling refreshed and re-energized.

Yesterday at yoga, I tried really hard to enjoy the unknown in my practice. I was trying to completely immerse myself in the now because it made the process of getting to the next pose so much more enjoyable. I didn't necessarily know what was coming next and it was almost as if the pose wasn't even a destination. The process of getting there and being immersed in the observation of change in my body and mind as I moved made the experience enjoyable. 

I think that's the key element to enjoying change - being immersed and present in the process. Then it doesn't feel like change at all; it feels more like an adventure!

I made a change to the banner on this site. I am in the midst of changing up kyleshewfelt.com. I am changing my company name. I ordered up some new business cards. I have made some new videos to accompany my speaking engagements. I am starting up a new Super Hero Leadership Summit with my friend Jayson. I am in the midst of writing my motivational memoir…change is abundant in my professional life and surprisingly, to me, I am totally loving it. And I know it's because I am really enjoying the process.

Is there something in your life that you've been wanting to change, but have been putting off? Perhaps it's time to take a step and start immersing yourself in the adventure!


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