Friday, June 24, 2011

Rihanna - LOUD Tour - Girl's got talent!

We all have a special talent that we are destined to share with the world. I like to think of them as Super Powers

On Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of attending Rihanna's LOUD Tour. It was a pretty awesome show! What struck me the most about the night was how incredibly talented she is and how genuinely happy she seems to be able to perform in front of her fans.

Life as a rock star can't be easy. You do the same show every night, in front of thousands of people, and they all are expecting you to bring the most of yourself on every occasion. It's got to be hard to maintain a sense of balance when your world is all about projecting an image and being something to everyone.

I kept thinking about Rihanna as a little girl and her dreaming of the exact scenario she now finds herself in every day. Is it everything she thought it was going to be? Is it a dream world or does she sometimes feel like she is immersed in a nightmare?

I kept imagining her day in the lead up to a show. Does she have a nap? Who takes care of her emails, phone calls and tweets? Does she get excited about each show or are there days when she is up there performing and thinking about 'that' conversation she had a few hours before? Is she fully engaged in the experience or does she sometimes slip out of it and get into her own head? Does she get nervous? 

Who teaches a celebrity how to manage all of the demands? Or, are they so protected from the "outside" world that they literally only have to think about the big picture details? How large is the team of people who supports them? Do they feel pressure to maintain their image because they have a crew of hundreds relying on them and their stardom for a paycheck?

Rihanna impressed me because she seemed thrilled to be up in front of an audience. She was having a good time! She mentioned on numerous occasions that she was very thankful to her fans for helping her live her dream. I felt the authenticity in her voice when she said it.

I am always inspired when I get to witness someone sharing their talents with the world! 

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